• Human Rights Law

    The Program in Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies aims to promote human rights and enact social change.

Funded by a Holocaust claims settlement award, the Cardozo Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Program (HGHR) aims to strengthen laws, norms and institutions to prevent mass atrocities and strengthen human rights protections.

Founded by Professor Richard Weisberg and led by Professor Sheri Rosenberg, the HGHR Program’s research and pedagogy addresses all aspects of mass human rights atrocities, including the unfinished business of the Holocaust, unique aspects of identity-conflict, the processional nature of genocide, the development of international criminal justice, the intersection of mass atrocities with forced migration, asylum and refugee law, and post-conflict governance and transition. The Human Rights and Genocide Clinic is a component of the program where students in their second and third year of law school have the opportunity to promote respect for human rights through the diverse ways the law is utilized to promote social change. In particular, the clinic focuses on the prevention of mass atrocities, protection of populations during mass atrocities, and the rebuilding of societies in their aftermath.  It engages in norm-setting human rights case projects and includes a Refugee Representation Project founded and directed by Associate Director Teresa Woods.