First-Year Curriculum

Fall Semester (15 Credits)
Elements of Law (2 credits)
Contracts I (2 credits)
Civil Procedure (5 credits)
Torts (4 credits)
Lawyering Skills and Legal Writing I (2 credits)

Spring Semester (15 Credits)
Contracts II (3 credits)
Constitutional Law I (3 credits)
Criminal Law (3 credits)
Property (5 credits)
Lawyering Skills and Legal Writing II (1 credit)

Part-time students take the same courses over three semesters.

Upper-Level Curriculum

Upper-level courses vary from year to year, and new offerings are added to the curriculum in response to student interest and global and national events that impact the law. Second- and third-year students may also take one law-related graduate course per semester at The New School, located steps from Cardozo's door, and graduate courses offered by other schools within Yeshiva University.

Course Concentrations

Students may choose to graduate with a concentration in any of the areas except for those marked with an asterisk.

Civil Procedure & Litigation
Health Law*
Clinical/Practical Training* Intellectual Property, Entertainment, & Media Law
Commercial Law International & Comparative Law & Human Rights
Constitutional Law & Government
Corporate and Business Law
Jurisprudence & Legal Theory
Criminal Law & Procedure
Labor and Employment Law*  
Dispute Resolution* Property, Real Estate and Environmental Law
Ethics* Tax Law
Family Law