New York Summer Seminar for Foreign Lawyers/Law Students
June 29–July 13, 2014

Designed for non-U.S. lawyers and law students, the New York Summer Seminar offers an introduction to the theory and practice of the U.S. legal system through classes, site visits and simulations. After an initial week of introduction to core U.S. legal concepts, students will have an opportunity to experience these concepts as they are applied by jurists and legal professionals.

Summer Patent Law Intensive
July 14–18, 2014
This course provides a rigorous introduction to the basic principles of U.S. patent law and their application to contemporary problems of practice and policy. The course will cover the basic criteria for patentability, including patentable subject matter, disclosure, novelty and nonobviousness. It will also provide an introduction to principles of infringement and to the remedies available to patent holders. Each day will consist of a morning lecture and an afternoon exercise—students may enroll in either or both components of the course.