Members of OUTlaw Alumni gather with current student members of OUTlaw for the annual OUTlaw Reunion. Pictured (l-r): Zorik Pesochinsky '11, A. Mark Irlando '11, Olivier Cassagnol '07, Daniel Davidson '12

OUTlaw Alumni was created to support diversity and foster community in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) alumni from Cardozo with the goal of promoting social events, networking opportunities, career help, and more. OUTlaw Alumni also welcomes OUTlaw students and friends of Cardozo with the hope to promote acceptance, tolerance and unity at the Law School.

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Please join us for our 4th Annual OUTlaw Pride Brunch on June 26th in the Cardozo Lobby.  

OUTlaw Alumni Committee

Dara Onofrio'87
Tina Chandna'10
Darron E. Berquist ’07
Olivier Cassagnol ’07
Daniel Davidson ’12
Robert Doerfler-Eckstein LLM '08
Debra E. Guston ’88
Matthew Hrutkay ’10
Dave Johnston ’10
Jaime Leggett ’10
Zorik Pesochinsky '11
Noemi Masliah ’79
Thomas Wu ’07
Lauren Zimmerman ’12