Whether you have health insurance through the Cardozo student plan or another private insurance company, you should understand the terms of your plan. FAIR Health has a website that explains some health insurance terms and breaks down how much you may owe based on common health insurance plans. http://www.fairhealthconsumer.org/reimbursementseries/101costsharing.aspx

Dental Plans

For information on dental plans, you may wish to go to www.academicdentalplans.com.

In addition, you may wish to consider the NYU College of Dentistry Clinic, and the Student Plan. For further information, see www.nyu.edu/dental/patientinfo/college_stu-dent.html.

Other Plans

In addition to the student health insurance, there are several other programs, including government benefit programs, which may help students obtain low-cost medical insurance and assistance.

The COBRA program gives certain workers and their families who lose their health benefits the right to choose to continue group health benefits for limited periods of time under certain circumstances. See: www.dol.gov/dol/topic/health-plans/cobra.htm.

Public Resources

New York City has a website with links to a wide range of health resources available to people in the 5 boroughs, including available public health insurance programs, low-cost clinics, prescription drug programs, dental clinics, vision services, and the HHC (Health and Hospitals Corporation Options program). To access this information, visit a069-webapps7.nyc.gov/HealthInsLink/Free_LowCost.aspx.

New York City has an excellent public website in which users can view and compare virtually all health insurance options (public and private) in one site, from an unbiased prospective. To access this information, visit www.nyc.gov/html/hia/html/resources/community.shtml.


In addition to information on NYC clinics referenced above, a nation-wide listing of primary health care clinics is available through the website of the US Department of Health and Human Services. See findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov/Search_HCC.aspx.

Prescription Drugs

The NYS Attorney General’s Office has set up an excellent website on prescription drugs, including information on discounted or free prescription drug programs, on price comparisons among pharmacies, and on how to use caution when reviewing program information. You can access this information via www.ag.ny.gov/bureaus/health_care/about.html.

New York City has information on several low cost programs. See www.nyc.gov/html/hia/html/resources/services.shtml.

BigAppleRx is New York City's first official prescription drug discount card. It is available free of charge and can be used at more than 2,000 city pharmacies. To learn more and apply for the card, please visit www.bigapplerx.com.

If you are unable to afford prescription medication, see if you qualify for the Prescription Assistance Program. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicine they need by finding a program that is right for them. Visit www.pparx.org for more information or call 1.888.477.2669.

Duane Reade Discount Cards

Discounts for most prescription drug purchases are available to Cardozo students at Duane Reade stores. Students who need to purchase a prescription drug but do not have coverage for such purchases through health insurance obtain a "single-use" card at the Cardozo Office of Student Services and Advising, Room 1043. This card is good for one trip (which may include several prescription drug purchases) to any Duane Reade store. (The store located at 14th Street between 5th Avenue and University Place, is the most familiar with the program.) Students will only be able to obtain one card per request; however, they may return to the Office of Student Services and Advising for additional "single-use" cards as often as they need to fill prescriptions. At the pharmacy, students must present their Cardozo student ID card along with their single-use card at the time of purchase. For most prescriptions, students will be charged the equivalent of a Medicaid rate on the prescription, which frequently amounts to approximately 40% off of the retail price.

Study Abroad Health Insurance

Students should secure health insurance coverage for the duration of their overseas study. Not all domestic insurance policies will cover students while they are abroad so check with your provider.

If you do not have adequate coverage under your current policy, you may wish to take advantage of Cardozo’s contract with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).  If you are interested in enrolling in this program, please consult with Amy Sugin, Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs.

If you would like to contract for your own coverage for the time you are abroad, there are a variety of companies and plans to consider. See www.studentsabroad.state.gov/health/medicalinsurance.php for some helpful considerations. You may also want to consider the following companies which provide insurance for those going abroad for educational purposes.

HTH Worldwide (formerly Hinchcliff International), www.hthworldwide.com

Compass Benefits, www.compassbenefits.com

Comparisons between different insurance plans may be made using www.insuremytrip.com or www.squaremouth.com.

For more information, see U.S. State Department – Medical Information for Americans Traveling Abroad at www.travel.state.gov/travel/tips/brochures/brochures_1215.html.

Students studying abroad are required to register with International SOS, a 24-hour international medical, security, and travel assistance program. For more information, please see Amy Sugin, Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs. You can also find more information on the Study Abroad webpage here.