Cardozo’s many outstanding and nationally prominent programs contribute to the educational excellence and legal scholarship of the Law School. These intellectually diverse programs explore issues of national importance and shape public policy through a multitude of courses, clinics, conferences, symposia, and scholarship.

Each program requires continuous resources to support scholarly projects, public policy initiatives, and student activities which are necessary components of legal education.

The programs are:

· Intellectual Property Law Program

· Program in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

· Program in Holocaust and Human Rights Studies

· Center for Jewish Law and Contemporary Civilization

· Program in Family Law, Policy and Ethics

By establishing endowments which provide permanent income for each program, these programs can expand their valuable work, attract preeminent scholars to the law school, provide an enhanced learning experience for students, and allow Cardozo the opportunity to be on the forefront of legal thought.

For more information on how you can support an educational program, please contact Patricia Weiss, Associate Dean, Institutional Advancement and Alumni Affairs, at (212)790-0270 or