The responsibility of a Law Firm Agent is to contact the alumni at your firm in order to emphasize the importance of alumni support of Cardozo and to encourage making a gift to the Annual Fund. We will provide you with all the support you require, including sample emails and letters in addition to regular reports updating you on your firm’s results.
Make your own gift to the Cardozo Annual Fund
It’s easier to lead by example – your colleagues will more readily contribute when you tell them that you have already made your own contribution to the law school.
We suggest that partner agents make a minimum gift of $1,000 and that associate agents make a minimum gift equal to one billable hour.
Build a team
Identify a colleague to assist you with solicitation of partners or associates if needed. The more people involved in the challenge the better (and less work for you). Let us know about new volunteers, so we can welcome new agents and make sure they receive volunteer materials and updates.
Consider your firm’s culture
Every law firm is unique. Approach your colleagues in ways that are most appropriate for your firm’s culture.
Encourage participation in the Cardozo Annual Fund by all partners and associates in the firm who attended Cardozo by:
  • Writing personalized letters, memoranda and e-mails asking fellow alumni to join you in making a gift to the Annual Fund.  
  • Contacting each alumnus in person or by phone to encourage her or him to participate in the Cardozo Annual Fund.  
  • Specifying to partners that you would like them to make a minimum gift of $1,000, or to join the Dean’s Leadership Circle at any level.
Conduct periodic follow-up
People are busy. The key to a successful Challenge is persistent follow-up, either in person, by personalized email or over the phone. 
Keep Cardozo staff up-to-date about new gifts. After the gift, thank your colleagues. Every donor will receive a thank you note from the law school.  We are also in the process of designing an expanded recognition program for both donors and participating law firms.  However, a personal note from you will be appreciated by your colleagues. This is an opportunity to thank each person for their support and encourage them to continue their participation next year. 
This is an outline of the steps we ask every agent to take to have their firm achieve the best results possible. At the same time, we encourage you to think outside the box! 
The more you can do for the Challenge, the more successful we can be. Please contact Sharon Ashley Lewis, Director of Alumni Affairs at 212-790-0298 if you have any questions or require any help.