Treaties, Conventions

• Brownlie, Basic Documents in International Law (JX68 .B3 1995)
• Basic Documents on Human Rights (K3238 .A1 B37 1992)
• Global Human Rights Law Collection (K3240.4 .G56 1999)
• Human Rights Documents: Compilation of Documents Pertaining to Human Rights (K3238 .A1 H86)
• International Human Rights Instruments: a Compilation of Treaties, Agreements and Declarations of Especial Interest to the United States (K3238 .A1 I536 1990)
• International Law & World Order: Basic Documents (JX68 .I493)
• HeinOnline - Treaties and Agreements Library
•  Multilaterals Project
• United Nations Human Rights Instruments
• University of Minnesota Human Rights Library 

Case Law

• International Human Rights Reports (K3239.23 .I58)
• International Law Reports (JX68 .I56)
• International Legal Materials (JX1 .I67) (HeinOnline) (Westlaw - ilm)
• University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

Selected Treatises

• U.S. Department of State, Country Reports on Human Rights Practices(K3240.6 .C68)
• Customary International Humanitarian Law (KZ6471 .C87 2005)
• Shelton, Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity (Reference HV6322.7 .E532 2005)
• Lawson & Bertucci, Encyclopedia of Human Rights (Reserve JC571 .E67 1996)
• Hannum, Guide to International Human Rights Practice (K3240.4 .G94 2004)
• Meron, Human Rights in International Law: Legal and Policy Issues (Reserve K3240.4 .H835 1983)
• Human Rights in the Administration of Justice: a Manual on Human Rights for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers (K3240 .H857 2003)
• Mettraux, International Crimes and the Ad Hoc Tribunals (K5301 .M48 2005)
• Buergenthal, International Human Rights in a Nutshell (Reserve K3240.4 .B84 2002)
• Sohn & Buergenthal, International Protection of Human Rights (K3240.4 .S64)
• Jayawickrama, The Judicial Application of Human Rights Law: National, Regional, and International Jurisprudence (K3240 .J39 2002)
• Modern Legal Systems Cyclopedia (K530 .M62)
• Shelton, Remedies in International Human Rights Law (K3240 .S53 2005)

Locating treatises using the Cardozo Law Library Catalog

Subject Headings:

Crimes Against Humanity
Human Rights
International Criminal Courts
Trials Genocide
War Crimes

The same subject headings can be used to locate treatises in the YULIS Yeshiva University Libraries catalog and at other law schools.


Full-text databases:

• LexisNexis - lawrev;allrev & Westlaw - jlr
• HeinOnline

Legal Periodical Indexes

• Index to Legal Periodicals (Reference K33 .I55; LexisNexis - lawrev;ilp; Westlaw - ilp, BEN
• Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (Reference K33 .I29), BEN
• Current Law Index (Reference K33 .C85; LexisNexis - lawrev;lglind; Westlaw - lri)
• Public International Law (Reference JX 1225 .P83)

Selected Periodicals

• The Amnesty International Report (JC571 .A46a)
• Columbia Human Rights Law Review (P Co483; HeinOnline; lawrev;colhrt; Westlaw - clnhrlr)
• Harvard Human Rights Journal (P Ha752; HeinOnline; LexisNexis -lawrev;hrvhrj; Westlaw - vhrj)
• Human Rights: Journal of the Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities(P Hu474) (HeinOnline) (Westlaw - humrt)
• Human Rights Law Journal (K8 .U53)
• Human Rights Law Review (HeinOnline; Westlaw - humrlr)
• Human Rights Quarterly (K8 .U545; HeinOnline)
• New York Law School Journal of Human Rights (P Ne867; HeinOnline; LexisNexis - lawrev;nyjhr; Westlaw - nylsjhr)

International Organizations (many issue reports, reproduce cases and treaties)

•  Amnesty International 
•  Derechos  
•  Human Rights Watch  
•  International Committee of the Red Cross  
•  United Nations  
•  United States Department of State  
•  University of Minnesota Human Rights Database 

Research Guides & Bibliographies

• Guide to Human Rights Research (K3236 .T63 1994)
•  UMN website (links to research guides on specific topics)