Access Policies for Non-Cardozo Community Members

The Law Library is open to all members of the Yeshiva University community, including alumni who have reading privileges in the library. Individuals outside of the YU community must apply for reading privileges with the reference librarians. Members of local bar associations may be granted reading privileges after payment of a user's fee. Students from area law schools and colleges may have on-site use of the library through various consortia; if you are a student at another school, contact your own academic or law library to see what arrangements may be made. Persons needing federal depository documents have full access to materials received on deposit as well as to materials purchased in support of the depository collection.

Location of the Law Library

The only entrance to the law library is from the stairway and elevators on the east side (B) of the 7th floor. The library occupies floors 6, 7, 8, and part of 9. An internal stairway connects all the library floors. Restrooms are located on floors 6, 7 and 8. An accessible restroom is located on the 7th floor.

For virtual locations, outside of these web pages, you can visit the library at BEN, ANGEL, and, of course, Meet us on Facebook.

Filming and Photography

There is no filming or photography in the library unless permission has been granted. Contact the Library Administrative office for approval.

Use and Protection of the Collection and Equipment

  • Library users are responsible for complying with the copyright laws (17 U.S.C.) of the United States. Unless specifically permitted, the copying of computer software is prohibited.
  • Valid YU I.D. cards or registration receipts must be presented upon request to library staff. A YU I.D. card or registration receipt is needed each time a book is checked out.
  • Reshelving of all library materials, except microforms, in their proper place is expected. Materials should not be left on tables or carrels.
  • The unauthorized removal, mutilation, or defacement of library equipment and materials is prohibited.
  • Fines are charged for materials not returned by the due date.
  • Library materials cannot be taken into examination rooms.
  • Extended conversations are permitted only in the group study rooms.
  • Eating is permitted inside the library only in designated locations. All foods, whether or not they leave crumbs, attract insects and rodents. Beverages in covered containers are permitted in all library spaces, but remember that spills can cause stains, damage books and equipment – including your own, and attract pests.

Acceptable Use of Technology

  • Only currently enrolled law students can use Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance, or Westlaw Next for research related to class, in-house clinics, or research activity sponsored by Cardozo. Students cannot use student Lexis or Westlaw research IDs for work-related projects unless credit is being given and a student is not being paid for the work. 
  • Moving, opening, or tampering with equipment is prohibited. Attaching personal equipment to library equipment is prohibited. Installing program files or storing data on library computers is prohibited. 
  • Students must comply with university policy on the use of computers, networks, and email.

Special Collections

Federal Depository Library

The law library has been a partial depository for United States government publications since 1979. Administrative decisions, executive agency reports, Congressional hearings and reports, and other selected documents are received regularly. Most of these publications are classified into the Library of Congress system and shelved with books of similar subject matter on the 6th and 8th floors. Those which are not placed in the general collection are shelved in the Documents Collection on the 9th floor and in the Microform Collection by Superintendent of Documents classification number.

Shlansky Library of Jewish and Israeli Law 

Books and bound periodicals dealing with Jewish and Israeli law are housed in a special collection and reading room on the 8th floor. The collection emphasizes Mishpat Ivri and the various sources of law from which the laws of Israel have developed.

Law Library Materials

Materials of all formats can be found by searching by author, title, subject, keyword or call number in BEN, the online catalog. Materials recently cataloged are easily identified by a WorldCat list of recent additions to the library's collections.

Floor Locations for Law Library Materials

Call Numbers beginning with   are on floor
A - JV 8
K 8
KA - KE 8
KF 6
KFA - KFZ, except New York and New York City* 8
KL - KZ 8
L - Z 6
P (Periodical) 6
Reference 7
Reserve 7
KFN & KFX (New York only) 7
Regional & federal reporters 9
C,F.R. & Federal Register 9
Congressional Record 9
Depository collection 9
Microform collection 8
Cardozo Publications 7