Studying with your group for finals? Pick up a "Room is in Use" sign from the Law Library's Circulation Desk in order to use a group study room on the 6th or 8th floors. Two or more students need to exchange their YU ID cards at the same time for a yellow “Room is in Use” sign. Students are expected to hang the yellow “Room is in use” sign on the hook attached to the window in each study room, so that the writing on the sign is observable from outside of the study room.  If a hook is missing, students should notify the staff at the Circulation Desk. There is no time limit on the use of the study room; however, the room must be in use by two or more students at all times when the “Room is in use” sign is in place on the window hook. When a student wants to regain possession of his/her YU ID card, either the “Room is in use” sign must be returned or a different YU ID must be exchanged for the YU ID being returned. Questions? Please check with or stop by the Reference Desk. And let us know what your experiences are with this new practice!