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Senator Dodd Tells 2007 Graduates “Law Is More than Words”
Greenhouse Comments on Roberts Court
Sara Klein ’05 to Clerk for Justice Stevens in 2007
FOCUS ON: Susan Rosen
Four Reunion Classes Celebrate Their Cardozo Experience
Cardozo Around the World
Graduate's Film Screened at Cardozo
Cardozo Advancement
Class Actions

Senator Dodd Tells 2007 Graduates "Law Is More than Words" 

cardozo school of law commencement 2007

Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut, a 2008 Presidential candidate, was the featured speaker at Cardozo’s 29th commencement. Saying he came to discuss "the rule of law–because today, at the dawn of the 21st Century, the stakes for American security and for her moral standing in the world have never been higher," the Senator delivered a personal and rousing speech that received a standing ovation from the graduates and their friends and family. The ceremony was held, as in previous years, at Avery Fisher Hall of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, where Yeshiva University President Richard Joel and Dean David Rudenstine conferred a total of 344 J.D. degrees and 65 LL.M. degrees.

In introducing the Senator, who has served five consecutive terms and was a member of the US House of Representatives for three terms prior to that, Dean Rudenstine said, "Chris Dodd has used his abilities and sense of duty to serve our nation fairly, compassionately, and effectively for many years. He inspires our graduates to believe that they, too, can shape their world for the better."

cardozo school of law commencement

Dodd, a Democrat, practiced law in New London before his election to Congress and was, as a young man, a volunteer in the US Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic after which he volunteered for the US Army National Guard.

Mentioning the good works that many Cardozo students do in clinical assignments, especially the Innocence Project, Senator Dodd said, "In so doing, you were reminded that the law is more than words–but rather the actions they inspire."

Dodd spoke about his late father Senator Thomas J. Dodd, who was executive trial counsel at the Nuremberg war crimes tribunals before his election to the Senate. He discussed the importance of the trials that "established that the choice between vengeance and insecurity is a false choice," and said Nuremberg marked "where America began to lead as a moral force in the second half of the 20th century."

Then, he asked the graduates to do what his father had once asked of him: "… use this time to make laws, enforce laws, and honor laws rooted not in our gravest fears but in our noblest principles–our highest ideals, and our most historic, respected legal precedents. Let nothing stand in your way."

Joana Kaso, an LL.M. graduate, gave special remarks about her journey from Albania to Cardozo. Greg Propper, the student speaker, seemed to echo the Senator's speech when he said, "What we can do, as lawyers … is help write and enforce the rules in a way that is fair and good. … Our knowledge of the law has bestowed upon us incredible power, the power to affect the lives of people in our communities and around the world."

The Student Bar Association was represented by Matthew Kittay who announced and gave out the awards voted on by students. Amy Gaudet, director of special events and a perennial favorite, won two awards this year for best administrator and for contributions to the student body. There was a three-way tie for best first-year professor, with awards going to Dan Crane, Peter Goodrich, and Stew Sterk. Jeffrey Haas, who teaches Securities Law, was named best adjunct professor, and Barton Beebe won for best professor overall.

Prof. Malvina Halberstam received the Monrad Paulsen Award, given to an individual who has provided devoted service to the continued vitality of the ideals and purposes of legal education, and Sheri Rosenberg received the Telford Taylor Award for outstanding achievement in the field of international human rights.

cardozo life jane needelman and prof. jonathan silver

Award Ceremony and Reception
The day before commencement 55 Fifth Avenue was the venue for an award ceremony and special receptions for graduates and their families. The award ceremony, held in the Jacob Burns Moot Court Room, recognized students for outstanding academic achievement and for significant contributions to campus life and the community. A small reception for LL.M. graduates opened the festivities, and a party for everyone hosted by the dean capped off the day's celebrations.

cardozo life Heyman Scholar Bryanne Schmitt and Dean Rudenstine cardozo life shashi kara with his parents

cardozo life
Brendan O’Malley, David Kinitsky, Alice Jayne, winner of the Archie A. Gorfinkel Award for the most promising and accomplished graduate entering the field of criminal law, and Albert Stemmler

cardozo life
David Parsly and Luis Casillas, winner of a
Jacob Burns Medal, pose in front of the
iconic Lincoln Center fountain.

cardozo life Moot Court Honor Society members Marianna Moliver, Anna Dmitriev, Danille Contillo, winner of a Jacob Burns Medal, Kimberly Grant, winner of the Dr. Samuel Belkin Award, given for exceptional contribution to the growth and development of Card
Moot Court Honor Society members Marianna Moliver, Anna Dmitriev, Danille Contillo, winner of a Jacob Burns Medal, Kimberly Grant, winner of the Dr. Samuel Belkin Award, given for exceptional contribution to the growth and development of Cardozo, and Shifra Apter
cardozo life 2007 ll.m. graduates
Mariam Touré, Julian von Lucius, Tom Braegelmann, Sara Harris, Christopher Goetz, Thomas MacLean,
Director of Graduate Programs Amy Sugin, Lyda Tyburec, Niklas Herriger, and Hewson Chen at the
LL.M. graduate reception

cardozo life Jacquelyn Burke, winner of the Felix Frankfurter Award for outstanding academic achievement, maturity, responsibility, diligence, and judgment with Heyman Scholar Joshua Andrix
Jacquelyn Burke, winner of the Felix Frankfurter
Award for outstanding academic achievement,
maturity, responsibility, diligence, and judgment
with Heyman Scholar Joshua Andrix

Cardozo Board Chair Kathy Greenberg ’82 with
Greg Propper, who delivered the student speech
and received the Jonathan A. Weiss Award for
Public Interest Law

Sarah Hudson-Plush, a Jacob Burns Medal winner and Skadden Fellow, with her husband Evan, who won the Andrew S. Zucker Award and the Louis D. Brandeis Award for best academic record

Julian Felix Von Lucius, from Germany, won the
Louis Henkin Award for demonstrating academic
achievement and superior scholarship in the
LL.M. program.
cardozo life kenneth min
Kenneth Minn, winner of a Benjamin N. Cardozo
Sevice and Achievement Award, receiving
congratulations from his mother
cardozo life LL.M. students Aissatou Bah and Mariam Touré are both from Guinea.
LL.M. students Aissatou Bah and Mariam Touré
are both from Guinea.
Alumni Toast AELJ 25th
Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal celebrated its 25th anniversary in spring 2007. The evening featured talks by the Honorable Jukka Liedes, chairman of the standing committee on copyright and related issues, WIPO; and Prof. David Nimmer, author of Nimmer on Copyright. Many AELJ alumni, including a founder, Nancy Cleveland '81 (see also p. 59), attended to toast the Journal's success.

Greenhouse Comments on Roberts Court 

Cardozo Board member and a founder of CardozoWomen Bonnie Steingart '79 and Linda GreenhouseLinda Greenhouse, Supreme Court correspondent for The New York Times and a Pulitzer Prize winner, has been on her beat for 28 years. She was the featured speaker at a luncheon, hosted by the alumni group CardozoWomen, and held just days before the opening session of the Supreme Court term, which would be led for the first time by Chief Justice John Roberts.

Greenhouse focused her remarks on the new appointees, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, and how justices historically change under the influence of the court. Greenhouse queried why is it that the Court influences appointees more than appointees do the Court? She suggested that it is a lack of a personal agenda that makes a justice amenable to change and pointed to Justice John Paul Stevens who, according to her, has changed his opinions significantly over the 31 years he has sat on the Court. She seemed encouraged by the fact that both of the new justices are starting as knowledgeable jurists who are very familiar with the discourse of the Court. “They are insiders,” she said.

Greenhouse continued, “We've come to a fascinating moment” and we can't jump to conclusions in regard to Roberts and Alito, noting that she was going to look particularly at the decisions in the partial birth abortion case, which may prove to be what she termed a “signature” case for Roberts, and to the entire relationship between the Court and Congress.

(Editor's note: In April, the Court upheld a partial birth abortion ban in a five-to-four decision. Justices Roberts and Alito sided with the majority.)

Sara Klein ’05 to Clerk for Justice Stevens in 2007 

cardozo life Former US Supreme Court clerk Cliff Elgarten '79 and Sara Klein '05Cardozo graduate Sara J. Klein '05 received notice in July 2006 that she won a clerkship with US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens for the 2007 term. She is the second Cardozo graduate to clerk for the US Supreme Court. Upon his graduation, Cliff Elgarten '79 clerked for Justice William J. Brennan, Jr.

Ms. Klein, who was an outstanding student at Cardozo, was executive editor of Cardozo Law Review and received the Louis D. Brandeis Award for the best academic record over three years as well as the Felix Frankfurter Award for outstanding academic achievement, maturity, responsibility, diligence, and judgment. In 2005, she clerked for the Hon. Maryanne Trump Barry, US Court of Appeals, Third Circuit. This year, she clerked for the Hon. John C. Lifland, US District Court, District of New Jersey. According to Klein, among the professors who helped her candidacy were Stewart Sterk, Lester Brickman, Melanie Leslie, and Kevin Stack.

cardozo life focus on susan rosen


What you wanted to be at age 5
A flute-playing astronaut

Book on your night table
Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and The Woman at the Washington Zoo, a collection of fabulous essays by Marjorie Williams

Gadget you can't live without
It's a toss up between my cell phone and my Macintosh.

Typical workday schedule
My day starts quite early at home, where I make sure my two daughters leave for school on time. Once at work, it's often unpredictable and ranges from consulting with NOVA, Antiques Roadshow, or Masterpiece Theatre to discuss structuring ongoing or new productions, to negotiating and drafting deals with producers, distributors, funders, and talent who are working on our productions. I may also spend some time in an edit room to screen footage or music for a “fair use” analysis or to address privacy concerns. In addition, I usually get quite a few unexpected emergency questions in a given day from all over the globe–I've had questions come to me from a boat in the Antarctic, from base camp on Mt. Everest, and from producers at the Vatican.

Favorite project at work
I've worked on some wonderful and interesting projects at WGBH–spanning filming at the bottom of the ocean to climbing Mount Everest–so it's hard to pick a favorite. But one especially memorable experience was working on a NOVA program, “Medieval Siege,” where we filmed an international team of engineers, designers, masons, and timber framers building two medieval trebuchets on the grounds of a historic Scottish castle, using ancient technologies and tools. Trebuchets–a type of large “slingshot”–were used in the Middle Ages as a fierce siege weapon, flinging boulders over the walls of one's enemy. The logistical, legal, and liability issues for that single production were quite complex. I ended up getting a crash course in Scottish construction law and handled a myriad of production issues, culminating with selling two trebuchets “as is.” I had to draw the line when I was asked if it was acceptable to fling dead animals over the castle wall, replicating another ancient use of a trebuchet.

Memorable law school moment
The feeling of nervousness when I was called on for the first time, the first week of school, in my Elements class. You're never sure when it's going to be your turn, and even though I had briefed all the cases, there is still a feeling of trepidation. It's definitely one of those character-building experiences to have to articulate a position–especially when you're not even sure you understand the question being posed–in front of 50 other students and a challenging professor.

Most influential law school professor
It would have to be Dean David Rudenstine, who was not only my Con Law and Federal Courts professor, but was also a mentor to me on any number of substantive issues we faced in putting out the Law Review. He also advised me personally on my own article.

What you wish you knew in law school
I wish I had known that in the business world, decisions must be made quickly based on risk analysis and other factors. Having a flexible approach as in-house counsel is crucial in advising a company. I had only limited practical and business experience when I was in law school, so I didn't fully appreciate, as I do now, that while the concepts you learn in law school are important as guideposts, they are not an exact blueprint of how businesses make legal and business decisions every day.

If you did it all over, would you be a lawyer?
Would you go into television? There has always been a part of me that yearns to be creative, as a writer or performer, and I plan to make those interests a reality in my life, especially as my children get older. But being an entertainment lawyer–particularly for public television– has been a good match for my interests and the business and legal skills that I've developed. I get to be part of wonderful science, history, and public affairs productions that I can be proud of and to work with talented and creative people across the board. And a hidden bonus: I get to wear what I want.

Course you wish you had taken in law school
I wish I had taken a course on negotiating skills and strategies.

Number of classmates you stay in touch with
At this point, just a handful

What you miss about New York
Super-fast lunch-time deli service, great pizza slices, and Central Park

Favorite Boston team
The Boston Celtics from the mid-'80s

Vacation spot you'd like to visit
The Amalfi Coast in Italy

Typical Sunday activity
I try for the most leisurely day possible–reading the Sunday papers and spending time with family or friends.

Last movie you saw
The Lives of Others

Most challenging aspect of your job
One of the biggest challenges is that questions and problems come to you with little or no time to solve them. A production schedule rarely stops because of a business or legal issue. We end up doing a fair amount of risk analysis because of the fast pace of production.

Biggest surprise about being a lawyer
It's the variety of questions I've had to deal with being in the television industr: diving on a Nazi submarine, recreating congressional testimony, looking for the Loch Ness monster, following the re-encasement of the Declaration of Independence, and filming the secret design competition to build the Pentagon's next-generation fighter plane. These are just a few examples of the breadth of this type of in-house legal practice.

Four Reunion Classes Celebrate Their Cardozo Experience 

A record number of alumni–more than 200–from the classes of 1987, 1992, 1997, and 2002 joined classmates, faculty, administrators, and guests to reminisce and renew friendships on May 17. The event was held at the elegant 24 Fifth Ballroom in a golden-hued room. Since the venue was just a few blocks from campus, some alumni also stopped by the Law School to check out the major physical transformation that has taken place since their days at Cardozo. Even if you were unable to attend, you can view the reunion photos and stay in touch with classmates through Cardozo’s Online Community. Visit our Web site at All photos identified left to right.


cardozo life cardozo life
cardozo life Dean Rudenstine, Joan Ehrlich, Peter Skolnik
cardozo life
Mindy Merdinger Blackstock, Oleg Rivkin, Kenneth Leitner, Stanley Goos, Hon. David Cohen

cardozo life
Nancy Bromberg, Cory Zimmerman, Gabriel Boyar, Allegra Blumfeld, Nadine Greenspan

cardozo life
Heath Olnowich, Shira and Randall Rothschild
cardozo life
Louis Greenstein, Jeffrey Pellegrini, Nancy Yanks
Pellegrini, Marc Wasser

cardozo life
Rashidah Siddiqui, Wendy Chon
cardozo life
Jeffrey Margolin, Oriyan Gitig, Kevin Fritz

Class of 1982 Celebrates 25th Anniversary

On June 14, alumni of the Class of 1982 met in Cardozo’s lobby to celebrate their 25-year reunion. They were joined by several faculty members including Professors Peter Lushing, Malvina Halberstam, Arthur Jacobson, and Jonathan Silver. Dean David Rudenstine, who joined the faculty in 1979 when the Class of 1982 entered law school, addressed the class. Barbara Kolsun led the program, and Danny Felber stirred memories with his touching words about classmate Geoffrey Bowers, whom he defended in a lawsuit against the firm that terminated him after learning he had AIDS. Labe Richman followed with a light-hearted review of Law School days. On behalf of the class, Stephen Breitstone presented Dean Rudenstine with a class gift of more than $36,000 to be used for public interest summer stipends. To view more reunion photos, visit All photos identified left to right.

cardozo life
Loretta Gastwirth, Bobbi Langer, Yael Spielman, Toby Stone
cardozo life
Bruce Birnhaum and Kathy Greenberg
cardozo life
Daniel Felber, Susan Miller, Martin Gorfinkel, Meyer Last
cardozo life
Neil Moldovan, Marc Lesser, Paul Metselaar, Scott Claman, William Greenblatt
cardozo life
Soori Oh '08 and Neil Redmond '98

Cardozo Connections

The Alumni Association and the Office of Career Services held two networking receptions to give students additional opportunities to connect with graduates for valuable information on career planning and job search strategies. The events introduced the newly reorganized mentor program that boasts 145 alumni ready to help students navigate their careers one-on-one. Mentor committee cochairs Eric Hochstadt '03 and Noel Williams '87 encouraged students to reach out to alumni.

Programs Bring Recent Graduates Together

An active alumni committee has revitalized the recent graduates program. Cochairs Daniel Glimcher ‘05 and Joanna Garelick '03 coordinated two happy-hour events in midtown, and a financial planning workshop addressed new graduates' specific needs. For more information about future events, contact Inez Gonzalez at (212) 790-0378.

Cardozo Around the World 

cardozo life

Cardozo alumni clubs are being founded from California to Tel Aviv. This year, events sponsored by these regional clubs were held in several major metropolitan areas, expanding the networking opportunities for students and graduates. For information on your local club, or to start a new Cardozo alumni club, contact Barbara Chadajo at

David Kahn '81 was the inspiration for the Israel Alumni Club, which held two events in Tel Aviv. The group wants to provide assistance to students and graduates who are interested in living and working in Israel for a semester or after graduation.

In New Jersey, alumni came together in fall 2006 in Newark and heard from Vice Dean Michael Herz. Barry
Marenberg '93 was the host at his firm, Sills Cummis.

The California Club held several events in both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Los Angeles kicked off the fall with a program featuring Mel Levine, former US Congressman, and Peter Edelman, Georgetown law professor and former Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Clinton Administration. The event was held at Kaye Scholer, where Irv Hepner '79 is a partner. In March 2007, Dena and Irv Schechter, Cardozo parents, hosted a party for alumni and parents at their Beverly Hills home. That same month, there was a meet-andgreet at the Cornelian Room in San Francisco, thanks to the leadership of Muriel Kaplan '80.

Connecticut alumni enjoyed two breakfast meetings under the direction of Sallie Kraus ‘91. In November, alumni joined Dean Rudenstine and Prof. Stewart Sterk at Edwards and Angel in Stamford, where Even Seidman '93 is a partner. In May, the group heard from Prof. Ed Zelinsky, and cohosts Jeff Laska '96 and Rebecca White '88 arranged a fascinating tour of the UBS Investment Bank trading floor, also in Stamford.

In Washington, DC, Andrew Abraham '98 and Brendan Murray '03 organized the club's kickoff event at Crowell & Moring. They look forward to expanding the club in the fall.

In June, Laurence Kagan '98 organized the first Philadelphia alumni lunch with special guest, Prof. Marci Hamilton.

Also in June, Daniel Biene '02 brought together Cardozo graduates in Berlin, Germany. Toni Fine, Cardozo’s former director of international and graduate programs, joined them.

cardozo life
Cardozo by the Bay Alumni group in San Francisco

cardozo life
Shashi Kara '07, Alan Dershowitz, Brooke Goldstein '05, and Prof. Hamid Dabashi

Graduate’s Film Screened at Cardozo 

The Making of a Martyr, an award-winning documentary about the illegal incitement and recruitment of Palestinian children to become suicide bombers, by Brooke Goldstein '05, received its first New York
screening in October 2006 in the Jacob Burns Moot Court Room. A panel discussion on “Child Suicide Bombing and International Law” featured renowned legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard University; Goldstein, producer and director of the film; and Hamid Dabashi, the Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. The event was sponsored by Cardozo Students for Human Rights.

Goldstein, whose film has received international acclaim, winning the Audience Choice Award at the 2006 United Nations Documentary Film Festival, was given the E. Nathaniel Gates Award at Cardozo’s 29th commencement. The Gates Award is given for “outstanding public advocacy that contributes to the achievement of equal justice under the law.”

cardozo life shari redstone
Shari Redstone

Dean Hosts Speaker Series For Students

Several times each year, Dean Rudenstine invites distinguished speakers to share with students experiences and insight into the legal profession at an informal lunch. This year, guests included Steven Spira '79, president, Worldwide Business Affairs, Warner Bros. Pictures; Scott Zemser '91, partner, White & Case; Harold Gordon '88, partner, Jones Day; Shari E. Redstone, president of National Amusements, Viacom; and Susan Rosen '87, deputy general counsel, Business and Legal Affairs, WGBH Education Foundation.

cardozo life

Third-Year Students Give Record Amount

The Class of 2007 set a new standard with 100 donors to the class gift project. Students made financial pledges totaling more than $10,000 and vowed to stay involved as graduates.

Law Firm Challenge 2006

Cardozo thanks the alumni who participated in the 2006 Law Firm Challenge. Any firm with five or more Cardozo graduates is eligible to compete, with firms striving for 100 percent alumni participation. Last year's winning firm was Hogan & Hartson with 100 percent participation.


Debevoise & Plimpton
Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson
Hogan & Hartson, first place
Jones Day, second place
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom
Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal
Weil, Gotshal & Manges, third place


cardozo life donors
Shown here at the dedication of the Kathryn O. and Alan C. Greenberg Center for Student Life
in front of a plaque commemorating the families who supported the Center are (from left: Ken Endelson,
father of Elizabeth Endelson Wolfe '05 and Alexandra Endelson; Board member Sheldon H. Solow;
Board member Leon H. Charney; Arnold S. Penner, Board of Overseers, Albert Einstein College of
Medicine and, his wife, Madaleine Berley, mother of Marc Berley '07; and Stephen Cooper, father of
Samantha Brand '08.

cardozo life
Alan Greenberg, and Cardozo Board members Thomas Lee
and Boaz Weinstein

cardozo life
Cardozo Board directors Paul D. Brusiloff '91, Marc A. Lieberstein '92, Stephen A. Weiss '90, and James E. Schwalbe '93

Families and Friends Help Build Law School

The partnership and support of Cardozo families and friends including parents, directors of the board, and alumni has been integral to moving the Law School onward. This tradition and spirit of community support made possible the creation of the Kathryn O. and Alan C. Greenberg Center for Student Life given in honor of Dean David Rudenstine. Hundreds celebrated the grand opening and dedication of the Center at Cardozo’s 30th anniversary celebration on March 7. Joining Kathy and Alan Greenberg in support of the Center were the following families:

Leon H. Charney
Arlene and Morris Goldfarb
The Honorable and Mrs. Earle I. Mack
Dr. Elazar and Ruth Rabbani
Sheldon H. Solow
Barbara and Philip Altheim
Randy and Stephen Cooper
Sherry and Kenneth Endelson
Miriam and Alan Goldberg
Diane and Gary Hirsch
Alissa and Shimmie Horn
Jesselson Foundation
Thomas H. Lee and Ann Tenenbaum
Arnold S. Penner and Madaleine Berley
S. Donald Sussman
Lynn and Sy Syms
Laurie M. Tisch
Morry and Judith Weiss
Susan and Benjamin Winter

cardozo life parents brunch
Prof. Justin Hughes introduces parents to Intellectual Property Law at the Parents Brunch.
cardozo life

Parents Brunch Brings 300 To Campus

More than 300 parents and students gathered for the Sixth Annual Parents Brunch, one of the Law School's most popular events. They listened to remarks by Dean David Rudenstine, attended mock classes taught by Cardozo professors, and enjoyed tours of the Law School. An overflow crowd included Emily Posner '08 and her mother Eileen Posner.

Three Alumnae Elected to Cardozo Board

This year, Rosemary Byrne '80, Jennifer Grubman Rothenberg '99, and Shoshana T. Bookson '82 were elected to the Cardozo Board of Directors. This brings to 15 the number of alumni sitting on the 30-member Board. The initiative to increase alumni representation has been undertaken by Dean Rudenstine and Board Chair Kathy Greenberg '82.

“It gives me great pleasure to know that alumni from across the spectrum are stepping up their involvement and commitment to Cardozo,” said Ms. Greenberg. “Rosemary, Jenny, and Shoshana bring important strengths to the Board.”

Rosemary Byrne, who was named alumna of the year in 2003, has long been involved with Cardozo. She was president of the alumni association from 1983–84 and then again in 1985–86. She was chair of the alumni scholarship committee from 1988 to 2002, and of the fundraising committee in 1987–88 and 2002–03.

She is president of BHI Brokerage Services, a company engaged in insurance brokerage and other consulting services and is executive vice president and general counsel of Corporate Credit, Inc., a privately-held investment bank. From 1981 to 1988, she was a litigation associate at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, prior to which she was a law clerk to Honorable Lawrence W. Pierce, US District Court, Southern District of New York. She sits on the Arbitration Panel of the US District Court, Eastern District of New York, is chair of the zoning board of adjustment in Englewood, NJ, and is a certified mediator.

At Cardozo, Byrne was an editor on the Moot Court Board, received a Jacob Burns Moot Court Medal, and a Samuel Belkin Faculty Award. She holds a B.A. from Marymount Manhattan College.

Jenny Rothenberg is president of Innovative Philanthropy, a consulting firm she founded in 2003 to advise individuals and philanthropic organizations on mission, strategy, grant making, fundraising, events, and board development. Previously, she was associate manager of development and events at the Robin Hood Foundation in New York. Upon graduation from Cardozo, Rothenberg worked for one year as an assistant district attorney in the Westchester County District Attorney's Office, in the appeals and special litigations bureau.

While at Cardozo, Rothenberg interned at the Legal Aid Society in the Law Guardian Department and at Sanctuary for Families. She holds a B.A. from Boston University.

Shoshana T. Bookson is a partner at Shandell Blitz Blitz & Bookson, a New York City litigation and trial firm, specializing in the representation of seriously injured victims of complex tort matters. She is a founding member of CardozoWomen, and has been an involved member in the alumni community.

Socially and professionally active, Shoshana was president from 2004–05 of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA) which has more than 4,000 members, and currently chairs its women's caucus. She is also a member of NYSTLA's political action committee, frequently lobbying state and federal elected representatives on behalf of the wrongfully injured. Shoshana is a New York State governor of the American Association for Justice (the former Association of Trial Lawyers of America.) She is cochair of the UJA Federation Trial Lawyers Committee and a member of the UJA-Federation's 2007 Campaign Steering Committee.

A New York City native, Shoshana holds a B.A. magna cum laude from Queens College of the City University of New York and was editor of the Cardozo Moot Court Board.

Dean's Scholarship Campaign Gets Off to a Strong Start

In an effort to expand Cardozo’s commitment to providing student scholarship support, Dean Rudenstine inaugurated a scholarship campaign in January 2007 to raise $3 million in 18 months. With a year to go until the June 2008 deadline, 50 percent of the amount has been raised through gifts and pledges.

Increased scholarship support has long been a priority for Cardozo’s leadership and dean. The new initiative will assist the Law School in continuing to attract and enroll outstanding students, helping them to limit the amount they would otherwise have to borrow to finance their legal studies.

Dean Rudenstine created the scholarship drive to address the difficult realities faced by prospective and current Cardozo students, including debt that precludes graduates from pursuing a career in public service or costs that keep some students from pursuing a Cardozo degree. Commenting on the importance of the campaign he said, “In addition to remedying a host of needs, additional monies for scholarships will help students to more freely choose the professional career they aspire to and will continue to expand the intellectual diversity at Cardozo.”

The cost of a legal education is at a record high. A three-year program in New York City can run more than $180,000 with tuition, room and board, books, and a modest sum for living expenses. As a result, most Cardozo students graduate with debt that averages $85,000; some owe as much as $120,000.

Cardozo alumni, parents, and friends with whom Dean Rudenstine has spoken about the campaign are enthusiastic about what the drive can accomplish. “Their partnership,” said Dean Rudenstine, “will be the key to its success.”

Funds In Honor of Students Initiated

Rountree Fund to Support Research

In honor of their son, Rhett Rountree, an outstanding student at Cardozo who died in 2004 in a tragic accident at the end of his second year, Gail and Mickey Rountree have established the Rhett Morgan Rountree Fund. The endowed fund will support research projects in legal theory and philosophy at Cardozo. Rhett, whose intellectual passions ran wide and deep, held an abiding interest in the theoretical aspects of the law.

The Rountree Fund will provide support for projects selected by the faculty as theoretically and philosophically innovative. The first grant will help support a visit during the 2007–08 academic year by Alain Badiou, the author of Being and Event, which was translated into English in 2006. “His book,” said Prof. David Carlson, “is a candidate for being one of the most important volumes in the history of philosophy.” Dr. Badiou's visit, his third to Cardozo, will coincide with an international conference sponsored by the Cardozo Law Review on his famed book.

Moot Court Competition Named for Liza Suckle '05 Liza Suckle '05, an ambitious and skilled member of the Moot Court Honor Society, passed away suddenly in the middle of her third year at Cardozo. To honor her devotion to Moot Court, the Society established the Liza Suckle Moot Court Memorial Fund to support moot court orientation, which trains new members each August.

Known as Moot Camp, the orientation is structured to simulate an external moot court competition and familiarize students with the experience of preparing and delivering oral arguments. It culminates with a competition that is now named the Liza Suckle Memorial Competition.

“Liza will always be remembered for her excellent coaching of second-year students, and it is fitting that this competition be named for her,” said Lara Hirsh '06, a member of the 2005–06 Moot Court Honor Society Executive Board and one of the people who helped move the idea of the fund forward. Ben Steele ‘08 received the best oralist award, which carried with it a $100 prize, in fall 2006, the competition's inaugural year. A plaque in the Moot Court Honor Society office will list the names of each year's winners of the Liza Suckle Moot Court Competition.

To Contribute

To contribute to the scholarship initiative, or support the new funds, and for more information, please contact
Patricia Weiss, director of institutional advancement, at (212) 790-0270 or e-mail: You may also mail contributions to Cardozo’s Office of Institutional Advancement.

cardozo life class actions 

Richard Marten is the president of Star Circle Pictures, a cutting-edge film production company whose films have won two awards on the international independent film and video festival circuit.

Charles Mirotznik won the second-largest settlement of 2005 in a wrongful death case in Long Island, NY. In 2006, he sponsored The LUNIT Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Department of Architecture. The project will study prefabrication techniques and design and create a new architectural prototype for mass production.

cardozo life Myra Freed and daughter, Emma William HerbertMyra Freed received the Doris S. Hoffman Award at the annual awards gala of the New York Women's Bar Association in recognition of her contributions to the Association and the advancement of women in society.

William Herbert published “No Direction Home: Will the Law Keep Pace With Human Tracking Technology to Protect Privacy and Stop Geoslavery?” in I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society. He is senior associate counsel for the Civil Service Employees Association in Albany, NY.

Eric Kunkes was made executive director and assistant general counsel for futures and options at JPMorgan Chase. William S. Null, managing partner of the law firm of Cuddy & Feder, LLP, was honored as one of Westchester's leading attorneys at the 2007 Above the Bar Awards Ceremony. He was recognized as the Most Socially Conscious Attorney.

Daniel Ben-Zvi was named a top mediator in the entertainment industry by The Hollywood Reporter.

Ellen Greenberg was elected a Nassau County Family Court Judge.

William Levinson joined the Los Angeles office of Greenberg Traurig as a shareholder in its corporate and securities practice.

cardozo lifeHarris H. Wilder is of counsel in the Kansas City office of Blackwell Sanders' real estate department.




cardozo life Class of 1981 25th Reunion

Jonathan Drapkin was appointed president and chief executive officer of Mid-Hudson Pattern for Progress, the regional planning organization that shapes public policy initiatives to improve life in the Hudson River Valley. Previously, he was executive director of the Gerry Foundation, director of the City Council's Office of Oversight and Investigation in NYC, and served in the City of New York's Office of the Mayor.

cardozo life Barbara Kolsun '82 and Nancy Cleveland '81Barbara Kolsun was featured in the Journal News of White Plains, NY for her efforts fighting counterfeiters as general counsel for Seven For All Mankind, a jeans company.

Steven Lief joined the firm of Milberg Weiss as director of litigation support.



Lynn Bodkin joined the firm of Thacher Proffitt & Wood LLP as counsel. She is a member of the real estate practice group, focusing on commercial debt, equity and joint venture transactions, and capital markets transactions.

Terri Krivosha was reelected chair of the governance committee at the Minneapolis, MN firm of Maslon Edelman Borman & Brand, where she is a partner, specializing in business and finance law.

Mindy Suchinsky became a partner in the Maryland firm of West & Feinberg. She specializes in estate planning and probate matters.

Michelle Freudenberger is an attorney at Building Services 32B-J Legal Services Fund and is a member of the Association of Real Estate Women.

Steven Millon, a senior associate at the Law Office of Maxwell S. Pfeifer in the Bronx, has been elected to the executive committee of the New York State Bar Association. He will serve as vice president for the 12th Judicial District.

Mitchel Pahl became a partner at Dewey Ballantine LLP in the compensation and benefits group.

Hal Perkins is senior managing director of the telecom investment fund, Everest Wireless Partners, LP, based in northern Virginia.

Adena Berkowitz addressed the New Jersey Association of Jewish Communal Service in March on “Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: Infusing Kedusha into Our Everyday Work.”

Alison Mynick was elected to the Board of Governors for the Maine Trial Lawyers Association in March. She is an associate at the law firm of Briggs & Counsel in Rockport, ME.

cardozo life justice alito greets cardozo alumni1987
Rabbi Lev Baesh graduated from Leadership New Hampshire, a statewide leadership development program. He spoke in August about “The Jews and the Sea: Our Peculiar Relationship with Water Since the Time of Genesis” at the Orleans Council on Aging in Provincetown, MA.

Dara Onofrio was reelected Village Justice in Grandview-on-Hudson, NY, in March. She is the principal of Onofrio Law, specializing in patents, trademark, copyrights, and intellectual property.

Gregory Sichenzia moderated a panel in June on Private Investments in Public Entities (PIPEs) in the Microcap Market at the IQPC PIPEs Summit 2006.

Allen Applbaum joined the firm of FTI as senior managing director in the firm's international risk and investigations practice of the forensic and litigation consulting segment.

Peter Gladstone published the article “Codifying Cohabitation as a Ground for Modification or Termination of
Alimony–So What's New?” in the Florida Bar Journal. He practices matrimonial and family law at Gladstone & Weissman in Boca Raton, FL.

Juli Kempner became chief executive officer of the YWCA of Tampa Bay, FL. She is a veteran social services administrator who works on homelessness issues.

Ira Silfin won a judgment for Johns Hopkins University and Arrow International in a patent infringement case in Baltimore. The jury found that three patents covering a method for clearing blood clots in hemodialysis grafts were valid and infringed, and awarded an 18 percent royalty. Ira is a partner at Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP, an intellectual property boutique in New York.

cardozo life david isaacDavid Isaac and his wife, Debbie, were honored at the 2006 AMIT Annual Dinner in New York. He is chief executive officer of The Garden City Group, Inc., specialists in legal administration services for corporations and law firms.

Michael Silvermintz joined the firm of McCarter & English as an associate in its construction industry practice group.

Michael Wildes was reelected to his second term as Mayor of Englewood, NJ.

Jill Zellmer was appointed managing director and general counsel of GE Commercial Finance, Corporate Lending. She has held various leadership positions at GE since joining the company in 1996.

David Huntley, senior vice president of diversified businesses for SBT/AT&T, was profiled in Eclipse Magazine in March 2006. He has been with the Dallas-based company for 11 years.

Hon. Jill Konviser-Levine, judge of the New York Court of Claims and an acting justice of the New York Supreme Court, was appointed to the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Monique Korn welcomed a son, Charles David Buckles, in January.

Gary Meltzer appeared in “Who's Who in Real Estate Law” in Long Island Business News (October 2006). He is a member of the real estate group at Meltzer Lippe Goldstein & Breitstone, LLP.cardozo life paul brusiloff and barry shenkman

Paul Pitcoff cofounded the Youth Advocacy Center, an organization that empowers teens in foster care by teaching them self-advocacy skills.

Paul Brusiloff '91 Named Alumnus Of The Year
At a ceremony on November 16, Paul Brusiloff '91 received the Alumnus of the Year award. Graduates who practice intellectual property law, one of Cardozo’s most touted programs, were recognized as well. It was a warm tribute to Paul, who has contributed to Cardozo through leadership in the
Alumni Association and as a member of the Cardozo Board of Directors. The program featured Dean David Rudenstine, Board Chair Kathy Greenberg '82, Scott Zemser '90, Alumni Awards Chair and Cardozo Board member Rosemary Byrne '80, and Alumni Association Chair Marc Lieberstein '92. Board member Bonnie Steingart '79, the 2005 Alumna of the Year, presented the award.

Dan M. Blumenthal
joined the Long Island law firm Ezratty, Ezratty & Levine.

Mark Lichtenstein joined the New York office of the Washington, DC based firm of Crowell & Moring as a partner. He concentrates his practice on a broad range of bankruptcy matters, including bankruptcy litigation and the assignment of assets in bankruptcy cases.

Marc Lieberstein was appointed chair of the programs and standards subcommittee to the International Trademark Association Programs Committee. He is chair of the Cardozo Alumni Association and a partner at the firm of Day Pitney, where he practices intellectual property law.

Barry Negrin joined the intellectual property group at Pryor Cashman Sherman & Flynn LLP.

cardozo life robert schwartz farewellRobert L. Schwartz became dean of admissions at UCLA Law School in fall 2006 after more than 11 years as Cardozo’s dean of admissions.

Bradley Young became the Atlanta area director for the southeast regional office of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Robert Jaffe married Catherine Lazarus in June. He is an attorney with the Florida firm of Carlton Fields PA.

Lisa Lesser became a partner at the New Jersey firm of Peckar & Abramson. She concentrates her practice in construction law and alternative dispute resolution.

Valerie Lieberman joined Burns White & Hickton LLC as an associate in the workers’ compensation group in the ’s Plymouth Meeting, PA office.

Joseph Nohavicka’s article “Paradigm Shift in No-Fault ’Serious In’ Legislation” was published in the Journal of the New York State Bar Association (January 2006).

Rev. Father Arthur Rojas was ordained a priest of the Archdiocese of New York in May 2006 by H.E. Edward Cardinal Egan at St. Patrick's Cathedral. He was appointed parochial vicar at St. Peter's Parish in Yonkers.

In May, Dr. Yassin El-Ayouty gave a talk on his trip to Darfur and Baghdad at Temple Emanuel of Great Neck.

Jeffrey M. Jagid joined the board of directors of the International Fight League, the world's first team-based professional mixed martial arts league. He is chairman and CEO of I.D. Systems, Inc. in Hackensack, NJ.

Juan Otero is vice president of government and regulatory affairs for the Michigan Region of Comcast Corp.

Julian Chung
became partner at Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft. She is in the global finance department at the firm's New York office.

David Epstein is area director of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for northern New Jersey. In March, he gave a talk, “In the Game of Politics, the Winner Takes All” at Hadassah's One Day Institute in Livingston, NJ.

Eric Feuerstein married Rebecca Raphael in March 2006. In May 2007, he joined Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher as a partner, focusing on high-end, capital-market-driven real estate transactions.

Barbara Friedman became secretary of the executive committee of the intellectual property section of the State Bar of California. She is of counsel at the San Francisco firm of Hanson Bridgett Marcus Vlahos & Rudy.

Brian Selvin became a partner in the New Jersey firm of Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis. He is a member of the firm's tax, trusts and estates department.

Christopher Serbagi and David Marcus, two solo practitioners, successfully represented the Shaw Family Archives Ltd. regarding its use of photographs taken of Marilyn Monroe. The ruling, which made headlines in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, said that the use of the photos did not violate the rights of Monroe's estate because her right to publicity did not survive her death in 1962. Sam Shaw took many of the famous images of Marilyn Monroe, including the one of her standing above a subway grate.

Kenneth Weine will be leaving Newsweek to run communications for Consumers Union/ Consumer Reports.

Daniel Goldfisher is vice president and counsel of the New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., where he focuses on corporate transactions and intellectual property matters.

Gabrielle Gould became special counsel at Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel. She represents financial institutions and major corporations in commercial matters.

Karen Cushman Peled has joined Proverian Capital LLC as corporate counsel. Proverian Capital buys life settlements and life settlement portfolios.

Robert Plotkin is the editor and publisher of the Point Reyes Light, a Northern California newspaper.

Joel Karni Schmidt has become a partner at Cowan Liebowitz & Latman in New York. He practices intellectual property law.

Rachel Bart became general counsel at Compugen in Israel.

Yaffa Cheslow joined the firm of P. Schoenfeld Asset Management as counsel and chief compliance officer.

Aimee Cummo is an associate at Thacher Proffitt & Wood LLP in structured finance. Her practice focuses on whole loan trading and financing and mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities transactions.

Daniel Forman became partner at the Washington DC firm Crowell & Moring in the government contracts group.

Louis Greenstein became counsel in the Washington DC office of Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom. He is a member of the litigation department and an expert on securities enforcement and compliance.

Rabbi Benjamin Kelsen was honored by Project S.A.R.A.H. in New Jersey for his pro bono legal services on behalf of victims of domestic violence.

Stephanie Korenman (Rosenblatt) and her husband, Jeffrey, had a boy, Noah Aidan, in March. She is an associate in the broker-dealer and securities regulation group at Duane Morris, LLP, in New York.

Michael Likosky gave a lecture at Cardozo in November 2006 on Iraqi reconstruction. It was based on a chapter in his recent book, Law, Infrastructure, and Human Rights, published by Cambridge University Press. He is a tenured lecturer in international economic law at the University of London.

Matthew Saronson became a partner in the firm of Debevoise & Plimpton LLP. He is resident in the London office and a member of the tax department.

Jeffrey Soilson is an associate at the Massachusetts firm of Burns & Levinson in the probate and trust litigation and divorce and family law groups.

Anthony Son became a partner at the Washington, DC firm of Foley & Lardner in the intellectual property department, representing clients on the strategic use of intellectual property with a focus on patent litigation.

Jill Starishevsky has started the nanny monitoring service

Nancy Yanks married Jeffrey Pellegrini in March 2006. She is a partner at Davis & Gilbert, specializing in commercial real estate.

Ness Cohen became a partner at the firm of Clifford Chance. He is a member of the real estate group.

Jarred Kassenhoff joined the New York office of Cozen O'Connor as an associate in the commercial litigation group. He concentrates his practice in the areas of complex commercial real estate disputes, insolvency issues, and zoning and tax matters.

Marcus Kelley is a research assistant at the Republican Study Committee in Washington, DC. David Martin joined Hodgson Russ as a senior associate in the firm's New York office. He is a member of the state and local tax practice group.

CARDOZO LIFEPeter Yu was named the inaugural Kern Family Chair in Intellectual Property Law and director of the Intellectual Property Law Center at Drake University Law School in Des Moines, IA.

Erica Busch married Brian Frank in February. She is an associate in the litigation department at Moses & Singer.



Congregation Ohab Zedek in New York honored Jason “Yitzi” Flynn last March with the Nathan K. Gross Community Service Award. He married Talia Tor in July.

Vejay Lalla and his wife, Sapna, had a son, Dilan, in July.

James Lawrence was chosen as one of the “Top 40 Power Elite Under 40” in Ingram's Kansas City Business Magazine.

David Schechtman joined the real estate investment firm Eastern Consolidated, focusing on business development in the tristate area.

Jennifer Deitch coauthored “Data Security Measures: An Increasing Concern for Contact Centers,” in CRM E-Weekly (February 2006). She is an associate at Manatt Phelps & Phillips, where she focuses on Internet law, advertising, marketing, and promotion.

Eric Radziminsky received a Pro Bono Distinguished Service Award from Ober Kaler. He worked with a team of attorneys from the firm on a death penalty case in Mississippi in which the death sentence was overturned on direct appeal and remanded for resentencing.

Lonica Smith became an associate in the real estate department at Phillips Nizer LLP. She will focus her practice on the acquisition and disposition of real property, financing of real estate transfers, and the development and preservation of affordable housing.

cardozo life2002
Julie Ahrens joined Stanford Law School as associate director of the Fair Use Project, which provides legal support to a range of projects designed to clarify and extend the boundaries of “fair use” in order to enhance creative freedom.

Jonathan Cohen married Samantha Sopin in March 2007. He is an associate at Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker.

David V. Koenig is an associate at Rivkin Radler LLP on Long Island, specializing in insurance fraud investigation and litigation.

David Loretto was honored at the Fourth Annual Sanctuary for Families Associates Committee Benefit for his extraordinary pro bono work and advocacy on behalf of victims of domestic violence.

cardozo lifeThomas A. Crowell '02 published The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers, A Legal Toolkit for Independent Producers. The book offers producers guidance on film contracts, critical legal issues on and off the set, and a quick reference on copyright and intellectual property issues. Thomas practices law in New York and New Jersey, counseling clients on a wide range of entertainment law and intellectual property rights issues. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he produced television news and children's entertainment.

Colette Reiner married Gibson Verkuil '04 in June. She is an associate at Morrison & Foerster, practicing intellectual property law; he is an associate at Boies Schiller & Flexner. His main practice area is complex commercial litigation.

Sarah Schaeffer-Roth and her husband, Andrew Roth, had twins, Zoe Monica and Leo Henry, in December.

Alyssa Kahn Ehrlich was appointed a state administrative law judge in Manhattan.

Miriam Healy was named by the Albany Times-Union as an “Up & Comer.” She is an associate in the Albany office of Gilberti Stinziano Heintz & Smith PC and represents land developers.

Peter Massa married Rachel Harrison in August. He is a real estate associate at the firm of Sonnenschein Sherman & Deutsch.

Max Rosenberg opened a general practice law office in Stratford, CT, offering legal services in bankruptcy, wills, probate, housing, family, personal injury and workers' compensation law.

Steven Sykes married Meredith Adler in October. He is a lawyer at District Council 37 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees of New York.

Elizabeth Endelson married Judson Wolfe in June.

Craig Gold married Courtney Perras in June.

Heela Justin-Capell joined Heiberger & Associates, P.C. as an associate.

Liane Kido joined the Winsor Law Firm in Mesa, AZ, as an associate specializing in employment law, family law, and intellectual property.

Serena Lee became vice president for the Seattle office of the American Arbitration Association.

Eileen Pizzurro married David Feder in October. She is an associate in the litigation practice at Morrison Foerster.

Audrey Roofeh took part in the 2006 Mongol Rally, a three-week-long road race from London to Ulaan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia. She is an attorney at Schlam Stone & Dolan LLP.

Douglas Schneider's appeal, filed as a third year student at Cardozo, has resulted in the reversal of a man's felony conviction on drug charges. In June 2002, Tony Anderson was found guilty of selling a controlled substance in or near school grounds, and sentenced to up to nine years in prison. A student in Cardozo’s Criminal Appeals Clinic, Schneider, drafted Anderson's appeal under the supervision of attorney Robert Rosenthal. Schneider had graduated and joined Proskauer Rose by the time he argued the case before the Appellate Division, First Department. In May 2007, a panel unanimously overturned the conviction, finding that Anderson's trial attorney's repeated failures constitted reversible error.

Kimberly Walker married Michael Lord in September. She is a lawyer in business and legal affairs at Morgan Creek Productions, a film company in Los Angeles.

Anthony Agolia joined the Long Island firm of Rivkin Radler LLP as an associate. He practices in the firm's corporate and commercial, real estate, zoning, and land use practice groups.

Joshua Ahsoak has joined the Anchorage, AK firm of Delisio Moran Geraghty & Zobel as an associate practicing environmental law.

Abigail Bowen joined the firm of Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti LLP as an associate in the firm's New York office.

David Cooperstein is an assistant corporation counsel at the New York City Law Department.

Alan Florendo has joined the New York firm of Duval & Stachenfeld as an associate in the corporate department.

Laura Grosshans joined the New Jersey firm of Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross as an associate in the employment and labor practice group.

Jessica Marshall married Brian Glatt in September. She is an associate at Weil Gotshal & Manges in New York.

Tracie Reilly and her husband, Michael, had a daughter, Emmalynn Victoria, in May.

cardozo lifeRanit Saposh married Gabriel Shiff in April. She is an associate at the firm of DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole & Wisler in Teaneck, NJ.

Mara Silverman has joined the Long Island firm of Lewis Johs Avillone Avilles as an associate.

Mario Sturla married Elizabeth Speaker in November. He is an attorney in the executive office for immigration review at the US Department of Justice.

Neil Weiss has joined the New York corporate insurance and risk management consultancy of Siesko Partners, as an associate responsible for implementing due diligence practices on behalf of private equity clients.

Shuqian Yan became an associate with Marger Johnson & McCollom, P.C., practicing intellectual property law.

Catherine Larocca '95 passed away on August 21, 2006. Catherine, a graduate of SUNY Oneonta, was a successful CPA prior to attending Cardozo. Cathy was an enthusiastic and distinguished member of our class and served on the Arts & Entertainment Law Journal. She was in the January AEP program, and all of us in that section were very close. After graduation, Cathy clerked for Judge Tina Brozman in the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York and was an associate at Willkie, Farr & Gallagher. She moved to San Diego to continue her practice, and eventually became a full-time professor of business law at San Diego Mesa College. I am not at all surprised that she thrived as a professor; she loved Cardozo and the academic environment. She was a beautiful person and a great friend. To be in touch with Cathy’s family, please contact me at
–Andrew K. Glenn '95

cardozo life llm class actions

Roberta Kraus is senior counsel at the NYC Law Department of NYC & Company.

Daniel Biene has published numerous articles on issues of media economics and art law in the German law press. He organized the first meeting of the Cardozo German alumni association, which took place in Berlin in June 2007. For future events, contact Daniel at

Stacey Cameron Chesser is a legal correspondent and investigative television news reporter at KWTV News 9 in Oklahoma City, OK. She won an Associated Press Award this year for her breaking news coverage of the
Sago Mine Disaster in West Virginia.

David Foox is a patent litigator with the firm Negem Bickham & Worthington in Tyler, TX, a firm specializing in telecommunications patent litigation. He writes that eastern Texas is the fastest and most exciting venue for patent litigation because of the “rocket docket” and local patent rules. He also continues to paint.

Melanie M. Meyer is an energy lawyer with Becker Buettner Held in Berlin, Germany.

Nili Weitzman is general counsel at Technion in Israel. She gave birth to a daughter, Dafna, on November 5, 2006.

Zohar Efroni is a nonresident fellow at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School. See his blog at: http://cyberlaw.stanford. edu/blog/zohar-efroni. He published a book chapter, “Names as Domains, Names as Marks: Issues Concerning the Interface Between Internet Domain Names and Trademark Rights,” in Intellectual Property and Information Wealth (Peter Yu ’99, editor) and an article, “Keywording in Search Engines as Trademark Infringement: Issues Arising from Matim Li v. Crazy Line,” in International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law.

Milena S. Mishev (Dakova-Micheva) is an associate with Graham, Campaign P.C., an intellectual property
boutique firm.

Cecilia Quirindongo Baunsoe gave birth to a daughter, Ella, on May 11, 2006. Ella joins four-year-old sister Alana. The family lives in Southfield, MI, where Cecilia is a solo practitioner, concentrating on criminal defense
and criminal appeals.

Sonja J. M. Cooper practices law and teaches in the legal studies program at Mercy College. She credits her Cardozo LL.M. for her return to teaching.

Michal Feinberg has been working since 2004 near Tel Aviv at N. Feinberg & Co, a firm specializing in labor and employment law. She and her husband, Eyal, welcomed a baby girl, Maya, on January 25, 2006.


Gary M. Emmanuel is an associate at Reitler Brown Rosenblatt LLC and is the father of six-monthold Noam.

Yael Weingarten-Nayman and her husband, Matt, announce the birth of their daughter, Raquel, born on May 24, 2006.


Janet Fashakin, Esq., who has a litigation practice in Queens, opened a second office in Brooklyn. She volunteers as a small claims court arbitrator for Queens and Kings Counties and is qualified as a guardian ad litem under the NY State Office of Court Administration. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in public policy and management with a concentration in criminal justice at Walden University.

Ken Matsuzaki returned to Tokyo, where he is a supervisor in the account group management division of Dentsu Inc. He translated The US Legal System for Japanese Lawyers and Business Professionals by Toni M.
Fine, which was published in Japan in April 2007.

Jingliang Wang’s daughter, Audrey, was born on April 15, 2007. Jingliang lives in Beijing and works at Baker & McKenzie’s office there.


Brian Goncalves is an associate in the patent group of Thelen Reid Brown Raysman & Steiner LLP in NY.

Sharon Herman joined Shearman & Sterling, LLP as an associate in their Intellectual Property Transactional Department.

Mindy Jones has rejoined Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida, Inc., in Fort Lauderdale, as project director of the domestic violence court advocacy project.

Shinji Niioka returned to Tokyo and works for GE Commercial Finance Real Estate as counsel, compliance officer, and chief privacy officer for Asia-Pacific.

Farhid (Hagit) Sedaghatpour handles litigation for Behnam Kahen, a real estate/real property law practice in Queens.

Shiri Torf joined the intellectual property and information technology department at Meitar, Liquornik, Geva & Leshem Brandwein in Ramat Gan, Israel.