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Celebrating Many Milestones

Cardozo is now 30 years old—not a very long time in the history of American legal education. Since our pioneering students took their first class, Cardozo has developed into an excellent law school that offers an outstanding education, supports important scholarly activities, takes pride in its robust public service program, and sponsors dynamic law and public affairs programs. No one present at its creation would have had the audacity to imagine the Cardozo of today, and I have little doubt that the same will be said of our current efforts 30 years from now.

On March 7, we cut the ribbon on the Kathy and Alan Greenberg Center for Student Life. The evening, which was festive, celebratory, and a fitting moment to commemorate Cardozo’s anniversary, consummated a multiyear effort to renovate every square foot of the Law School. The result is—as many have said—that Cardozo now has some of the best facilities of any law school in New York.

Now, we are spending time on some global initiatives. I recently signed an agreement with the Commissioner of the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office that provides for Cardozo professors to teach an introduction to American law this summer to Chinese attorneys in Beijing. Then, for the fall semester, about a dozen Chinese lawyers will be on campus studying intellectual property. These programs offer expansive possibilities for our faculty to learn about China and for Chinese lawyers to enrich the educational experience for us all.

Other new international programs brought our students this year to Japan and China for short courses between semesters. And, plans are developing for programs next year that will take place in Israel, Rwanda and Tanzania, and India.

Last, our Innocence Project recently celebrated the release of the 200th exonoree. The Law School takes enormous pride in the Project’s nationally important work and congratulates Prof. Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, its codirectors, and the entire staff for securing justice for each wrongfully convicted defendant and for leading a national effort that is reforming the criminal justice system.

With kind regards,

David Rudenstine