Cardozo Life 2008

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Keeping up with the News

Tne of the frustrations of being a magazine editor working in print versus in the blogosphere is the long delay in getting the “news” out. While the Cardozo Web site is full of items that are happening right here, right now, Cardozo Life, which is published just twice a year, is always reporting on events that happened one or even two semesters ago. However, since we are still wedded to and believe in words on paper, we carry on.

Thus, on the following pages you will see announcement of the appointment of Dean Matthew Diller, the sixth dean of Cardozo, who will have already moved into his office and begun his tenure when you receive this issue. Indeed, the events we report on took place during the final semesters of David Rudenstine’s deanship. In a similar vein, our story on page four, about the Immigration Justice Clinic, concerns secret documents the clinic retrieved in February 2009 to much fanfare, while at the end of July, a New York Times editorial endorsed the recommendations of a clinic report released just days earlier, but too late for inclusion in this issue of the magazine.

No matter how recent the news, what is very clear from the stories that follow is that life at Cardozo is nothing short of robust, even ebullient. We are celebrating and enjoying many accomplishments and milestones: Our first graduating class just celebrated its 30th reunion year; academic and clinical achievements by our students are making news; there is extraordinary scholarship by and recognition of our faculty—we now have three French Legion of Honor medalists; and the honors for and accomplishments by our alumni continue to mount.

I know you will enjoy reading about Prof. Alex Reinert’s experience arguing Ashcroft v. Iqbal at the US Supreme Court and hearing from some of our most recent graduates about law school experiences that had big impacts upon them. I think you will also find the interview with Bernhard Schlink just as eye-opening as the story about the changing landscape in immigration law.

So settle in, turn the pages, and enjoy reading the good old-fashioned way.

Susan L. Davis
Editor, Cardozo Life