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Millennial Ideas
When queried about the "greatest jurisprudential idea" of the past 1,000 years, several members of the faculty shared their thoughts with insight, intellect, and humor while also marking the millennium.

The Future of Gaming:  Is It on the Internet?
Calling the Internet "the haunting, speculative presence at any discussion of the future of gaming," Professor Price gives an overview of gaming on the Internet and, in layman's terms, outlines some of the issues surrounding the topic including those that are international and regulatory.
By Monroe E. Price, Joseph and Sadie Danciger Professor of Law and Director, Howard M. Squadron Program in Law, Media and Society

An Interview with Bonnie Steingart
A member of the Law School's first class, Bonnie Steingart went from Cardozo to a clerkship and then on to a partnership in a major international law firm. She recently became a member of the Cardozo Board of Directors and brings to her new assignment the same enthusiasm with which she has tackled other challenges. She spoke with Cardozo Life editor Susan Davis about the work ahead - for her and the Law School.

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Faculty Briefs
NLJ Names Scheck, Neufeld, and Boies Lawyers of the Year - Rosenfeld Elected President of IACL - Professors Participate in Summer Program for Teens - Gilles Appointed to Faculty - John Duffy Wins Scholarship Award - News Briefs

Alumni News & Notes
Attorney General is '99 Commencement Speaker - Law Review and BALLSA Reunions - First All-Class Reunion - Gifts and Pledges Increase
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