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Alumni News and Notes

Weingarten '83 Faces New Challenges as President of UFT

Prof. Leslie Newman

Director, Legal Writing Program

Randi Weingarten '83, the recently elected president of the United Federation of Teachers, is in her element. As the leader of the largest union local in the country, with 130,000 members, Ms. Weingarten is fulfilling a long-standing commitment to quality and meaningful public education.
Randi Weingarten

As the union's president, Ms. Weingarten articulates an ambitious yet straightforward agenda and places it squarely in the middle of the needs, problems, and promise of New York City's public school system. "The union is a critical force," she says, "in an institution vital to a democracy. It must represent its members, the children, and the schools."

Listening to Ms. Weingarten weave these interdependent themes is to appreciate the enormity of the job she has undertaken. Issues such as academic standards, year-round schooling, working and schooling conditions, facilities, the need for more and innovative materials, education and curriculum reform, smaller class size, and maintaining the aging infrastructure of an institution serving over a million children can be at once engaging and seemingly intractable. Ms. Weingarten's considerable energies are focused on tackling these issues from the perspective of a union leader representing her members, all the while understanding that the success of the union is the success of the education of the children.

"I believe that every school should and can be one parents want their children to attend, and where people want to work. Everyone wants the same things­high-achieving kids, appropriate conduct and conditions, schools that are safe and orderly, schools where learning can take place." Ms. Weingarten sees the fight for better conditions, for example, as synonymous with the fight for school improvements and education reform. Class size, as well, long an issue for teachers, reflects teachers' needs to fulfill their commitment to teaching in a manageable context, maintains Ms. Weingarten. "The long-term fight over class size needs to be understood within the larger agenda of what is optimal in a classroom for learning to take place."

Ms. Weingarten started early to work her way to her present perch of choice from which to influence public education and New York City's schools. Educated in public schools, and the daughter of a public school teacher, Ms. Weingarten as a child witnessed the struggles of union efforts when her mother lost two days' pay for each day on strike, at a time when her engineer father was unemployed. As a law student, while fulfilling her responsibilities as an editor of the Law Review and participating in the Criminal Law Clinic, she worked on behalf of increasing the diversity of the Cardozo community.

Following law school, Ms. Weingarten joined the firm of Stroock & 1000 ; Stroock & Lavan as a litigation associate, quickly developing a specialty in labor law. While there, she began representing the United Federation of Teachers and was then wooed away by the union's former president to join forces as counsel. Over the past 12 years, Ms. Weingarten has negotiated the union's labor contracts, settled numerous labor disputes, advocated and lobbied in the city, state, and federal arenas on behalf of the UFT, and generally been involved in all aspects of the union's policy development, operations, and efforts. She says, "This is what I want to do. My legal training and background have made an enormous contribution to my work." Her recent landslide election as president indicates that the members, as well, appreciate this range of abilities­citing her logic and legal skills, her ability to negotiate, her quiet yet forceful manner, and her lack of fear in the face of conflict and controversy.

These skills complement Ms. Weingarten's teaching and classroom experience. Teaching American history, political science, and law at Clara Barton High School from 1991 to 1997 grounded her in the reality faced by teachers and students in schools across the city. In addition, Ms. Weingarten taught Legal Writing at Cardozo from 1985 to 1991, and was known for exacting standards as well as the extraordinary rapport she established with her students. She likes to think of herself as a lawyer who is a teacher, feeling that both professions are essential to the success of her work.

The tasks ahead for Weingarten are large, yet she sees real accomplishments. She is particularly proud of the union's role in turning around failing schools in the past year. Through cooperative efforts, 15 schools under review and scheduled to be closed were successfully redesigned, their closing was averted, and these efforts resulted in the schools coming off the state's low-performing schools list. "When you can do that with the low-performance schools, you can do it everywhere.

"Education creates opportunities for people. I want to help people acquire more of the economic pie and help children mold their own futures." Randi Weingarten is optimistic about the future of public education in New York City and is enjoying the challenge.




An Alumna Reflects on ITAP

Lori Levinson '83

Associate, Cain Hibbard Myers & Cook, P.C.

In the fall of 1982, I studied the art and science of trial work as a student in the Criminal Law Clinic. I dreamed of being a criminal defense attorney and wanted to learn the necessary skills to be a top-notch litigator. That was in Cardozo's infancy, before the Intensive Trial Advocacy Program (ITAP) was a two-week program offered during the break between semesters.
Lori Levinson

The Clinic was fun and challenging and lasted for two whole semesters: two semesters of unrelenting videotaped demonstrations of the various aspects of a trial. We trained on the same cases used today in ITAP. So by the time I made it through the Clinic, graduated, and got a hard-won position as a staff attorney in the criminal defense division of the Legal Aid Society in the Bronx, I knew State v. Stone, State v. Diamond, et al. intimately.

Unlike the Clinic in which I had participated, ITAP (instituted in 1984) offers students the chance to try out their trial wings in front of trial lawyers and judges from all over the country. The Honorable Judge Joel Blumenfeld, who participates as a team leader every year, was the attorney in charge of the Bronx County Office of the Legal Aid Society when I was there, and many of the faculty participants who serve as judges were there then also.

I was extremely flattered when I was invited that inaugural year to play the part of Marilyn Miller, the rape victim in State v. Stone. Since I was al 1000 l too familiar with the case, I said yes, and soon found myself in the Moot Court Room (in front of what seemed like thousands of students, practitioners, and judges) being examined and cross-examined by pros. That was the beginning of my long association with ITAP.

Now, some 15 years (yikes!) since my graduation, I can look back on the Januarys when I have returned to Cardozo for at least two days as a volunteer instructor, critiquer, and/or demonstrator for what I consider the greatest training ground for hopeful litigators­ITAP.

For me, it is also an opportunity to see old friends, to relive the days of terror as a clinical student practicing in front of my peers and a video camera, and, most important, to learn from the critiques given by other participants as well as the demonstrations of trial tactics and skills. In recent years, my participation in brown-bag lunches with other women lawyers, in which we discuss aspects of trial work unique to our experience, has reaffirmed the frustrations as well as the high points of practicing in what is still a male-dominated field. I always leave ITAP with new ideas to try out. This year, one of my co-instructors persuaded me to use a story in the closing argument of my next trial.

In 1992, I moved out of New York to the Berkshires. Although the area is tranquil and bucolic, a sufficient number of alleged wrongdoers have need for a small cadre of criminal defense lawyers, whose ranks I have joined. The yearly opportunity to participate in ITAP has become an even more exciting and meaningful experience­a reunion with fellow Clinic members and an opportunity to catch up on the legal exploits of my former colleagues working in New York.

As I look back on the years of my involvement with the program, I am struck by the quality, maturity, and poise of the students. I cannot imagine that when I was in their position I was as skilled as some of them are. How is it possible that they can stand in front of a room filled with their peers and three or so lawyers and judges and give a closing argument without notes? Although we instructors tell the students to do so without notes and I tell myself the same, they really do it. Very impressive, indeed!

As an alumna, I get particular satisfaction in marking the growth of Cardozo and the quality of the faculty-practitioners who participate in ITAP­ a most wonderful program. I'm equally delighted that I can contribute to the education of future trial lawyers, while learning new lessons myself.



Amy Attias '83, Gary Becker '83, Thomas Benigno '79, David K. Bertan '85, Mark Bluver '87, Annie Costanzo '92, Joan Ehrlich-White '87, Steven Fromewick '95, Gary Galperin '80, Glenn Garber '89, Moshe Horn '93, Isabelle Kirschner '81, Jill Konviser '90, Scott Korenbaum '88, Lori Levinson '83, Faith Litvack '89, Virginia LoPreto '82, Laurie MacLeod '84, Richard Maltz '79, Lisa Mattaway '88, Eve Miller '91, Mark Moskovitz '79, Labe Richman '82, Hunter Shkolnik '85, David Silver '83, Charles Silverstein '84, Bobbi Sternheim '80, Susan Lee Strauss '83, Esther Trakinski '89, Alan Yatvin '83.

Many Thanks to Alumni Volunteers!

Each year, alumni share their time, effort, and lawyering skills with current students by participating in the Mentoring Program and the Alumni Roundtable. The value of this alumni support and assistance cannot be overstated. The Office of Alumni Affairs is delighted to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped during the 1997Ñ98 school year, and sincerely apologizes if any name has been inadvertently omitted from this list.


Alan Barson '90, Curt Beck '89, David Bertan '85, Bruno Bianchi '88, Alan Blattberg '92, Meir Blonder '94, Marilyn Bodner '92, Jay Boyarsky '88, Michael Braff '82, Todd Bromber 1000 g '92, Paul Burr '91, Robert deBrauwere '93, Robert Delloff '89, David Feldman '93, Bradley Foster '95, George Gilbert '83, Harold Gordon '88, Jeffrey Greenberg '87, Wayne Greenwald '79, Joseph Grob '87, Mark Jaffe '87, William Jelinek '93, Erik Kahn '92, Lowell Kern '90, Kenneth Kerner '89, Michael Kohler '96, Victoria Kummer '92, Robert Lax '94, Alden Lewis '82, Trebor Lloyd '93, Alissa Makower '92, Brian Miller '94, Jeffrey Miller '95, Donna Mirman '90, James Pharo '86, Jason Raphael '90, Lauren Sacks '89, Stephanie Scherer '94, Lee Spielmann '85, Glen Trotiner '84, Valerie Wolfman '89.


Adrienne Alexander '86, Arlene Bluth '89, Christopher Bowes '94, Barbara Brandes Starkes '79, Adam Chernichaw '95, Susan Danoff '87, Sheryl Frishman '96, Thomas Furth '89, Hal Goldstein '90, Wayne Greenwald '79, Richard Katz '90, Michael Kremins '81, Alissa Makower '92, Andrew Mandel '87, Barry Marenberg '93, Barry Margolis '89, Clifford Meirowitz '91, Samuel Mosenkis '93, Steven Mosensen '82, Raymond Patterson '96, Martin Petroff '83, Jason Raphael '90, Leonard Ritz '96, Elaine Shay '89, Alan Sklover '82, Lee Spielmann '85, Marianne Spinelli '90, Rachel Warren '92.




Annual Fund Exceeds Goal: Dean Issues Challenge


With approximately two months remaining until the end of Cardozo's fiscal year (June 30), Cardozo's Annual Fund has surpassed its inaugural goal of $100,000 set last fall by Dean Verkuil. As of March 18, alumni, represented by members of each graduating class, have contributed nearly $50,000. Friends of Cardozo, a group composed primarily of parents of current students, has contributed almost $30,000. The remaining amount comes from faculty, members of the board, and other interested people.

"The support that we have seen from the alumni is so gratifying," said Dean Verkuil. "They know that they have the power to help make their alma mater one of the best law schools in the country, and their contributions are indicative of that desire. I would like to challenge the alumni to give a total of $100,000 by June 30!"

Cardozo's Annual Fund provides support for scholarships, the library, technological improvements, public-interest stipends, clinical education, and other Law School needs. Donors of $1,000 and more are invited to the Dean's Annual Lunch. To make a contribution, contact Joan Ehrlich-White in the Office of Alumni Affairs, (212) 790-0293.


Director of Development Named

Deborah T. Niederhoffer has been appointed Cardozo's director of development, announced Dean Verkuil. She comes to the Law School with 18 years of experience in development and alumni affairs­nearly 7 of them at NYU's Stern School of Business, where she is still a member of the Alumni Board of Directors. For two years she was director of development for Beth Israel Health Care System and most recently was a consultant with Pepsi-Cola, North America. Ms. Niederhoffer is an adjunct faculty member at NYU's School of Continuing Education. She holds a B.A. with honors from Tulane University and an M.A. from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.




This is a partial list of alumni who have contributed to Cardozo's Annual Fund. A complete list of donors to the Annual Fund will be published in the fall.

Annual Fund Donor Categories:  
Dean's Council $10,000 and above
Leadership Circle $5,000 to $9,999
Benefactor Circle $2,500 to $4,999
Founder $1,000 to $2,499
Supporter $500 to $999
Fellow $250 to $499
Associate $100 to $249
Member under $100
  1000 1000
CLASS OF 1979  
YAGERMAN, Mark Founder
WARREN, Janis  Supporter
(The Warren Children Trust)  
ROTHFELD, Harriet Fellow
HOFFMAN, Henriette Associate
MATTHEWS, Kenneth Associate
MIGDOL, Jerry Associate
BERG, Soraya Member
KASS, Ilene Member
McBRIDE, Ellen Member
  $ 2,775
CLASS OF 1980  
BYRNE, Rosemary Leadership
CHERRICK, Ellen Fellow
BURR, Sarah Associate
GALPERIN, Gary Associate
GIUSTI, Robert Associate
KAPLAN, Muriel Associate
RUBIN, ArleenAssociate
BERGES, Hanni Member
FALL RITVO, Brynne Member
FORMAN, Glenn Member
  $ 5,931
CLASS OF 1981  
DUMAIN, Sanford &  Supporter
DUMAIN, Stacey Miller  
BEZOZO, Kenneth Associate
VERNON, Darryl Member
WILDMAN, Judith Member
  $ 700
Class of 1982  
LAST, Meyer Supporter
BUEBEL, Felicia Associate
SHIMOFF, Warren Associate
SKLOVER, Alan L. Associate
WHITEHEAD, Susan Associate
WIEGAND, Jeffrey Associate
BIRNBAUM, Bruce Member
COHEN, Susan M. Member
SHANKMAN, Susan Member
TRITTER, Daniel Member
  $ 1,305
Class of 1983  
STEINER, Sarah  Founder
(The Eshe Fund)  
ZIFFER, Jay Fellow
FLORIN, Joel Associate
LASERSON, Lillian Associate
WIRTH, Richard &  Associate
Phoenix Home Life Insurance  
BECKER, Gary Member
FOX, Alan Member
FREEDMAN, Howard Member
JACOBY, Arthur Member
MILDNER, Esther Member
  $ 2,800
Class of 1984  
GOULD, Matthew Fellow
KATZ, David S. Fellow
KUHN, Irwin &  Fellow
KUHN, Diane Silberman  
KATZ-PEARLMAN, Sharon Associate
MILLER, Marjorie Associate
ORLEY, Marcie Associate
WAHL, Beth Associate
WEINTROB, Audry Associate
ZELIGSON, Laurie &  Associate
Citicorp Foundation  
BERK, Donald Member
KRAVITZ, David Member
MEYERS, Andrew Member
  $ 1,665
Class of 1985  
SIROTA, Jonathan Fellow
GREENFIELD, SusanAssociate
KESSLER, Steven Associate
CALORAS, Robert Member
KAPLAN, Morris &  Member
KAPLAN, Janet  
WALLEN, David &  Member
WALLEN, Kate  
  $ 655
Class of 1986  
ADLER, David Supporter
LAMPORT, Joseph Supporter
LEWIS, Jeffrey &  Supporter
LEWIS, Sharon Ashley (1987)  
GANZMAN, Jay Associate
GILDE, Anne Associate
ALEXANDER, Adrienne Member
CASTELLANOS, Rafael Member
FELDMAN, Andrew Member
JANOWSKY, Eileen Member
  $ 1,875
Class of 1987  
EHRLICH-WHITE, Joan &  Founder
The Loubess Foundation  
TURNER, Karel &  Supporter
Chase Manhattan Bank  
BUECHLER, Bruce Associate
DANOFF, Susan Associate
KEMP, Marc Associate
SILLINS, Laura Associate
  $ 2,000
Class of 1988  
GOULD, Georgeanne Supporter
LIPKIND, Alec Fellow
DEUTSCH, Leslie Member
SCHRADER, David Member 
SWARTZ, Mary Member
  $ 925
Class of 1989  
FISTEL, Michael Associate
CHMURA, Eugene Member
DELLOFF, Robert Member
LEVINE, Stuart Jay Member
  $ 220
Class of 1990  
SEEGER, Christopher Leadership
WEISS, Stephen &  Leadership
WEISS, Debra Kimelman  
STUART, Jacqueline  Supporter
(The Stuart Foundation, Inc.)  
NOVICH, Bebe Associate
SCHWARTZ, David Associate
FALK, Lawrence Member
MANNIS, Eric Member
SAMUELSON, Debra Member
  $ 10,828
Class of 1991  
GREENER, Melissa Associate
KUNREUTHER, Judith Associate
MELTZER, Gary Associate
SAFAR, Jay Associate
LASKOFF, Susan Member
ROTHMAN, Joel Member
SANUA, David Member
SILVERSTONE, Barbara Member
  $ 565
Class of 1992  
GINDI, Raymond Founder
FRITTS, Katherine &  Supporter
Ernst & Young Foundation  
MAKOWER, Alissa Associate
MOSES, Robert Associate
ROTH, David Associate
WEINTRAUB, Susan Associate
SCHEIER, Joshua Member
TASKER, Arthur Member
  $ 2,000
Class of 1993  
BUNDER, Michael Supporter
BARASCH, Candace Associate 
HWANG CAPIO, Mirry &  Associate
Prudential Foundation  
LONDON, Sheri Associate
RAGGIO, Lorraine Associate
ZAND, Joel Associate
BROWN, Allyson Member
GROSSMAN, Andrew Member
NAGY, Noreen Member
  $ 2,625
Class of 1994  
BLONDER, Meir Associate
SAFER, Adam Associate
ROTH, Michelle Member
  $ 330
Class of 1995  
WEILER, Fred Benefactor 
COHEN, Linda J. Associate 
JACOBSON, Stephen Associate 
WALLACH, Stephen &  Associate
Coopers & Lybrand  
CHERNICHAW, Adam Member 
  $ 2,950 
Class of 1996  
RITZ, Leonard Associate 
BASKIND, David Member 
BILLIG, Elana Member 
INBAR, Jill Ilan Berger Member 
KOREN, Neil Member 
LEVENTHAL, Samantha Member 
  $ 250 
Class of 1997  
CARBONE, Michael Member 
GRUBERG, Benjamin Member 
KATZ, Danalyn Member 
MARTIN, Rebecca Member 
STABILE, Renato Member 
  $ 195 
Alumni Friends  
BERMAN, Judge Joseph J. Leadership 
WARREN, Adele &  Benefactor
  $ 7,536 

Events At Cardozo
Lowell Kern Kern, Matthew Lattimer, Mary Woods, Katrina Rainey, and Cecilia Capers

At the fall mentoring reception, Lowell Kern '90 (at left) spoke about copyrights and trademarks with second-year students (left to right) Matthew Lattimer (back to camera), Mary Woods, Katrina Rainey, and Cecilia Capers.
The Messengers of Love


The Black Asian Latino Law Students Association of Cardozo held its annual alumni dinner in March and honored Prof. El Gates and Elizabeth Franqui '97, who both spoke about the progress that minorities have made and the work that remains. A large crowd of alumni and students attended and were entertained by first-year student Ryan R. Sharpe and his a cappella singing group, "Messengers of Love."



Alumni News by Class


Class of 1980

Ruth Gursky & Barbara Odwak announce their membership in the "Million Dollar Club," having obtained a $1.4 million verdict for one of their personal-injury clients. Joel Kaplan, executive director of the United Jewish Council of th 1000 e East Side, Inc., cantor at NYC's Congregation Knesseth Israel, social-service organization board member, and father of ten "really good kids," was profiled in a full-page article in the February 20, 1998, issue of The Jewish Week.

Class of 1981
Mitchel Herstic

Mitchel Herstic and his wife, Chani, became proud new parents in December. Their daughter's name is Allison.

Class of 1982

Mark Beigelman and his wife, Elana, celebrated the birth of a daughter, Shifra Elka. Shoshana Bookson and her husband, Dr. Saul Stromer, welcomed their third child, Steven Andrew, born in January. He joins sister Alexandra and brother Michael.

Class of 1983

Michael Friedson and his wife, Felice, have a radio program on Jewish Horizons Radio Network. They discuss the latest news and information from Israel and about world Jewry. Eric Rosedale is working in Poland as a member of the real estate section of Weil Gotshal & Manges, where he is teaching the concepts of private property and real estate in that post-Communist society.

Class of 1984

Myrle Horvitz Davis and her husband, Rabbi Sheldon Davis, celebrated the birth of triplets Jennifer, Rebecca, and Max in June 1997. Laurence S. Margolin has formed a new law partnership, Liput & Margolin LLP, in Huntington, NY. The firm will concentrate in litigation, real estate, commercial and corporate representation, and general practice.

Class of 1985

Adena Berkowitz was featured in a cover story of the February 20, 1998, issue of The Jewish Week. She was a speaker at the Second International Conference on Feminism and Orthodoxy at NYC's Grand Hyatt Hotel. Adena, a consultant to Hadassah, spoke at a session regarding rabbinic ordination for women. Over 2,000 attended the two-day conference. Deborah Chapman Goldstein was appointed director of Planned-Giving Endowment for United Jewish Appeal‹Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of Northeastern New York in Albany. Jonathan E. Sirota announced his engagement to Jill A. Minars. A June wedding is planned.

Class of 1986

Andrew M. Gold and his partners have formed a new law firm in San Francisco, Bogatin, Corman & Gold, with emphasis on art, entertainment and intellectual property law, plaintiff's employment and labor law, commercial litigation, personal injury, education code cases, and civil litigation and appeals. Joseph Lamport is the publisher of Law Journal EXTRA! and developed LJX!, the most heavily trafficked web site for the legal profession. David Yurkofsky, aka David Yorke, a professional magician, was profiled in the April 5 issue of the New York Times. For a decade, he has been on the city's children's birthday-party circuit and performs for adults, too, at parties, promotional events, and in concert.

Class of 1987

Susan Eisner will be biking 100 miles to Montauk, Long Island, on May 17 to raise money for the Leukemia Society of America. She would sincerely welcome all contributions from her schoolmates toward her goal of $2,000. Checks payable to the Leukemia Society of America may be sent to the Cardozo Alumni Office.

Class of 1988

Allen D. Applbaum has been appointed a deputy chief of the Criminal Division at the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York. He and his wife, Barbara, announce the birth of their first child, Zoe Beatrice. Howard S. Levine has become a named partner in the law firm of Weinstein, Eisen & Levine, a Los Angeles bankruptcy boutique that specializes in representing debtors, creditor's committees, and other parties in Chapter 11 proceedings. Melanie Faber Marmer and her husband, To 1000 v, celebrated the birth of a daughter, Malka Rivka.

Class of 1989

Sharon Dattelkramer Fishman and Jeffrey Fishman announce the birth of a daughter, Alexa Faye. Wendy Machaver and her husband, Vincent Ravaschiere, have one-year-old twins, Emily Rose and Andrew Daniel James. Brad Nacht and his wife, Lori, welcomed their second son, Samuel Elijah, in November. Brother Jacob Micah is two and a half years old. Michael J. Wildes is seeking the Democratic nomination for a Second Ward Council seat in Englewood, NJ.


Class of 1990

Laurence Pittinsky and his wife, Jill, welcomed the birth of a son, Marc.

Class of 1991

Joel B. Rothman authored the lead article in the November 1997 edition of Leader's Legal Tech Newsletter, for which he is a member of the Board of Editors. It was titled "Finding Experts‹and Expert Information‹on the Internet." Joel also has an article coming out in the Newsletter of the American Collectors' Association, entitled "Intrusion Claims Against Collectors and Collection Attorneys."

Class of 1992

Jay Grossman and his wife, Nancy, welcomed their second child, Avery, in January. Her big brother is Justin.

  Class of 1993

Leah G. Richter has become of counsel to the law firm of Marcia Kuttner Werner in Oradell, NJ. Keith R. Santillo and his wife, Maria Linda, celebrated their first wedding anniversary on March 14.

Class of 1994

Christopher James Bowes is the co-executive director of CeDAR, the Center for Disability Advocacy Rights, Inc., in New York City. CeDAR is a not-for-profit poverty law agency established in October 1996 in response to the imposition by Congress of stringent restrictions on the work of federally funded legal services attorneys. Robert Osuna has opened his own office in NYC, where he practices in the areas of real estate, criminal defense, and immigration. Melissa and Dean Shalit welcomed their first child in February, Austin Chase.

Class of 1995

Madeleine Pelner Cosman runs seminars and continuing medical education courses at the New York Academy of Medicine. She has published 14 books, one of which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. Mario A. Joseph successfully argued before the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Second Department in a proceeding pursuant to a section of the Business Corporation Law. Adina Lewis and Lawrence Garbuz welcomed their first child, Ella Sophia, in September. Jonathan Prince was married in August to Jackie Kurtz, Ph.D., a research fellow at the National Cancer Institute. Jonathan is currently practicing real estate law with the Baltimore office of Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, following his clerkship with a judge on the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. Andrea A. Vag has moved to the Iselin, NJ, office of Fragomen, Del Rey & Bernsen. She was previously with the firm's Washington, D.C., office, which practices exclusively in the area of corporate immigration law.

Class of 1996

Andrew Buck and his wife, Julie Rabinowitz, welcomed a son, Theodore David, in October. Brett Fields, his wife, and two-and-a-half-year-old son will be in South Africa for the next year and a half. Brett is doing business and insurance law for AIG, American Insurance Group.

Class of 1997

Rachel Berke joined the NYC office of Jaworski & Fulbright, LL.P., in September 1997. She is practicing corporate law. Joshua Gerstin ran for the city council in Boca Raton, FL, just six months after moving to the area. Joshua said, "I ran totally on my own!" when describing the experience, and remarked that he had surprised many people b 328 y picking up 14% of the vote. Karen Elizabeth Greene and Scott Silver were married on August 17, 1997. Both are admitted in California, where Karen practices family law and Scott practices in the areas of real estate and finance. Dana Katz has joined the Austin, TX, office of Fulbright & Jaworski LL.P. as an associate, focusing her practice on health care matters. Ara Mekhjian became an associate with the law firm of Schottenstein Zox & Dunn in Columbus, OH. Nathan Paul and his wife, Batya, welcomed the birth of their first child, Debra Naomi.

Class of 1998

Adam Brodsky was married in March to Catherine Hakim. Adam is an associate at Alter, Bartfield & Mantel.