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A New Beginning

This year has been one of contrasts and upheavals for Cardozo, as I suspect it has been for most everyone. We began the year celebrating our 25th anniversary. A time for us to applaud how far we’ve come and how hopeful our future is. Literally days later, the horrific events of September 11 threw us all into emotional turmoil. We were personally and profoundly saddened by the deaths of two alumni and the displacement of some of our students, faculty, and alumni who live near Ground Zero. In the aftermath, we faced the challenge of incorporating the painful events into the ways we, individually and as a community, chose to move forward.
I assumed the deanship of Cardozo within weeks of 9/11. This opportunity inspires and energizes me and, because it has come at this challenging time for the Law School, New York, and the United States, it has motivated me and presented a clear mission: to make sure that our students as well as the broader public understand the critical role the rule of law has in a diverse and free society like ours. As we continue to try and make sense of what the events of the fall mean to us, our world, and to law in general, we will find ourselves looking anew at issues like civil liberties, free trade, human rights, and international tribunals—all in a new light. I expect and plan for Cardozo to make significant contributions to the national conversation about these seminal issues and oftentimes to point the way to policies and ideas that will make a difference.
In this issue of Cardozo Life, we remember those we lost and those who bravely assisted and volunteered in the days following September 11. We also look forward to what each of us may do to make for a better tomorrow.