Dean Diller Receives AALS Rhode Award for Achievement in Public Service

Recognizing Dean Matthew Diller’s leadership in legal education and public service, the AALS Section on Pro Bono and Public Service Opportunities awarded him with the 2014 Deborah L. Rhode Award. Dean Diller has a decades-long record of distinguished work in public service, which includes legal representation, scholarly research, public advocacy, and innovative leadership in legal education.

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Professor Dan Ravicher's Challenge to Gene Patents

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a major case that invalidates patents on two genes associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. The case was brought by Professor Dan Ravicher of Cardozo School of Law, along with the ACLU.

Professor Alexander Reinert Heads to the Supreme Court as Part of Team Arguing Ziglar v. Abbasi

Professor Alexander Reinert is part of a team of lawyers arguing that a lawsuit over post 9/11 racial profiling and detention of Arab, Muslim and South Asian men should proceed against high-level government officials.

Spring 2017 Faculty Development Workshops

The Jacob Burns Institute for Advanced Legal Studies at Cardozo School of Law is pleased to announce its spring 2017 Faculty Development Workshops.

In New York City, Lawyers Make All the Difference for Immigrant Detainees Facing Deportation

Northwest Public Television - “No family can have a loved one locked up and deported, simply because they can’t afford counsel,” says Peter Markowitz, director of the Immigration Justice Clinic at Cardozo School of Law. “That’s not justice, and we don’t do that in New York.”

In Brief to High Court Professor Alex Reinert Says: Hold Bush Officials Accountable for Muslim Profiling, Abuse in Post-9/11 Sweeps

Professor Alexander Reinert of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law joined the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), Covington & Burling LLP, and attorney Michael Winger representing the plaintiffs in a United States Supreme Court case to be argued in January 2017. They filed their brief this week defending an appellate decision that the lawyers argue is critically important as a deterrent against the future use of executive power to engage in religious and racial profiling and torture.

Professor Peter Markowitz Helps Draft Memo to President Obama Asking to Pardon Some Green Card Holders

December 20, 2016 The New York Times - Professor Peter L. Markowitz joined a group of more than 100 advocacy organizations in writing a memo to President Obama asking that he pardon green card holders with minor criminal records before he leaves office. 

Professor Brett Frischmann's Op-Ed in The Guardian: "Why It's Dangerous to Outsource Our Critical Thinking to Computers"

It is crucial for a resilient democracy that we better understand how these powerful, ubiquitous websites are changing the way we think, interact and behave. Democracies don’t simply depend on well-informed citizens – they require citizens to be capable of exerting thoughtful, independent judgment.

Professor Deborah Pearlstein in the AP on Obama's War Powers Legacy

Deborah Pearlstein, a former White House official and international law professor at Yeshiva University, said it's likely the next administration will use Obama's framework as its starting point. "By practice and long history, those opinions tend to stand," she said.