The Next Great Investment Idea? Somebody Else's Lawsuit

Daniel Fisher

January 20, 2016 ForbesWith investors starved for yield and unnerved by volatility, Mighty Group Inc. offers a tantalizing proposition: earn 25% to 30% interest on an asset that has zero correlation with anything else in your portfolio.

The catch? Mighty lends money to plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. You collect only if they do. Plus, the head of this online electronic investment platform recommends that only personal-injury lawyers, or investors who have such lawyers helping them evaluate cases, plunk down their money at this early stage.

“We are not a platform for gambling on cases,” warns Mighty’s CEO and cofounder, Joshua Schwadron, 34, an Emory University law school grad who runs the 21-employee firm out of industrial-chic offices on the edges of New York City’s financial district. “In order to properly understand these investments, you have to have legal expertise. We don’t want people throwing darts.”

Not yet, anyway. Schwadron’s ambition is to generate enough data about the risk and returns of lending small amounts of money to plaintiffs in personal injury suits to turn litigation finance into a respectable alternative investment–one predictable and large enough to draw affluent investors who don’t chase ambulances for a living. Right now such loans are made mostly by small local outfits operating in the shadows.

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