August 6, 2014 WBEZ Chicago - Professor Richard Weisberg appears on WBEZ Chicago on his new book, The Perils of Flexibility:

The benefits of being stubborn

How many times have you been warned not to be stubborn, inflexible or unreasonable? That’s because we tend to think compromise is the virtue, and stubbornness is the vice.But a recently published book, In Praise of Intransigence: The Perils of Flexibility, calls for us to reimagine the ideals of inflexibility and compromise.  

Cardozo School of Law Professor Richard Weisberg’s central argument is that flexibility has not held up well over the course of human history, in fact, it’s forced people to betray their deepest beliefs. He goes back as far as the first Christians to today, and post 9/11 US. Richard Weisberg joins us to now to explain why being flexible is such a perilous trait.

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