Cardozo's IP & Information Law Program (CIPILP) encompasses a rich curriculum of basic and advanced courses that provide students with the option of graduating with a concentration in the field or pursuing a Master of Laws or LL.M. degree. But Cardozo's program is more than just its course offerings and the quality of its faculty.

A Curriculum as Deep as It Is Rich

In addition to basic and advanced courses in the three main areas of intellectual property—copyright, trademark, and patent law—Cardozo offers a wide array of courses that reflect changes in the practice and a growing interest in the field.

IP Concentration

Cardozo students have the option of graduating with a concentration in intellectual property. To qualify, students must take at least five courses in the intellectual property curriculum, and at least two of the three core IP courses: copyright law, trademark law, and patent law. The concentration will be noted on their official transcript and is a particularly effective way of signaling to potential employers a student's commitment to and expertise in the field.

LL.M. in Intellectual Property

Cardozo is one of only a few U.S. law schools that offer a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property (LL.M.). The LL.M. degree gives students an invaluable edge in their understanding of this complex and ever more important field. In addition to taking courses drawn from Cardozo's IP curriculum, LL.M. candidates have the option to write a thesis with the support of a faculty advisor. The degree can be obtained in one year of full-time or two or three years of part-time study. J.D. students have the opportunity to complete a J.D./LL.M. in Intellectual Property in seven semesters. Admission is selective and open to graduates of American and foreign law schools.

Basic Courses:

Copyright Law
Patent Law
Trademark Law

Advanced Courses:

Advanced Copyright Seminar
Antitrust and Intellectual Property
Art Law
Entertainment & Media Law
International IP: Selected Topics
International Copyright
International Trade
Internet Law I
Internet Law II
Music/Copyright and the Intervention of Superior Rights
Patent Law, Advanced
Patent Law Practice
Patent Practicum
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Patents
Privacy Seminar
Sports Law
Technology Licensing Agreements
Transactions Involving Patent Rights

Related Courses:

Students interested in intellectual property are strongly encouraged to take most or all of the following courses, which relate to IP practice:

Antitrust Law
Administrative Law
Commercial Law
Communications Law
Conflict of Laws
Constitutional Law I and II
Federal Courts Jurisprudence
First Amendment
Law of Surveillance
Trusts and Estates