• Big Designs for Fashion Law
    Barbara Kolsun teaches fashion law at Cardozo, and is the fashion industry’s go-to lawyer on counterfeiting and trademark infringement.
  • The Indie Film Clinic
    The Indie Film Clinic provides free legal services to qualifying New York filmmakers producing independent, documentary, and student films. All clients are represented free of charge on a range of transactional issues critical to any production.
  • Student editors of top ranked law journal
    The Arts & Entertainment Law Journal is the #1 journal in the country for arts, entertainment and sports law and the #1 journal for intellectual property law in the state of New York.
  • Grammy Symposium
    Students work with music industry leaders on an annual symposium dealing with music rights issues.

Cardozo Law offers students a myriad of opportunities to explore the law as it applies to fashion, film, art, and entertainment. Among these offerings are highly esteemed student organizations, course electives, and panel discussions. Cardozo boasts the #1 arts, entertainment, and sports law journal in the country, the first Indie Film Clinic, an annual music industry conference, and a fashion industry simulation course—which allows law students to work in teams with future fashion executives at a top design school in New York City. 

Manhattan is a vital hub for the arts, culture and media, making it the perfect place for Cardozo students to connect with leaders in the field, from lawyers to institutions and industry players. Students work with filmmakers, in museums, with top fashion lawyers, at auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, and at organizations aiming to protect art and cultural artifacts.

Cardozo students also contribute to programs such as the Cardozo Intellectual Property & Information Law Program, which is top ranked nationally, and The Howard M. Squadron Program in Law Media and Society, which hosts a major moot court competition each year.

Fashion Law

Fashion law courses are co-taught by Barbara Kolsun and Lee Sporn, the fashion industry's go-to lawyer on counterfeiting and trademark and co-author of Fashion Law: a Guide for Designers, Fashion Executives and Attorneys—a leading law and fashion textbook.
The following offerings are available to students who are interested in fashion law:

Film Law

Students who are interested in film law learn the ins and outs of the filmmaking process through the Indie Film Clinic, which provides free legal services to New York filmmakers producing independent, documentary, and student films.

Learn more about Cardozo's film law offerings:

Art Law

Cardozo offers many opportunities for students to learn about the art law field. The Art Law Society, a student organization, helps coordinate activities in the arts including conferences, and a regular speaker series. The Art Law Field Clinic places students at museums such as the Whitney and auction houses such as Christie's and Sotheby's, among other cultural institutions.
Learn more about art law at Cardozo:
Art Restitution

Entertaiment Law

Students can learn about entertainment law in a variety of ways at Cardozo. The Sports & Entertainment Law Student Association focuses on the television, music, film, sports, and fashion industries, and the club sets up networking events with industry members.

Sports and entertainment law is comprised of a complex mix of many disciplines including contracts and licensing law, intellectual property law, torts, and agency law.

Learn more about the available entertainment law activities and resources: 

Alumni Relations

Companies currently represented by Cardozo graduates include:

  • Burberry
  • Cadwalader
  • Chanel
  • Davis & Gilbert
  • Donovan & Yee
  • Estee lauder
  • G3
  • GE
  • Gottlieb Rackman
  • Kaplan
  • Kilpatrick
  • Ladas & Parry
  • Law Offices of Joseph Gioconda
  • Luxottica
  • Macy’s
  • Marvel Entertainment
  • Sesame Workshop
  • The Jones Group

Cardozo's fashion, film, art and entertainment courses are housed under multiple departments. For more information about specific courses, clinics or student organizations, please contact the following faculty:


Barbara KolsunFashion      Lee Sporn, Fashion          


Jeanne Schroeder, Art      Monroe Price, Entertainment

  David MorrisonFilm