The Green Office Program is designed to encourage environmentally friendly practices and conservation awareness in the workplace. With simple efforts, the program can assist Cardozo in decreasing operational and departmental costs. By working closely with ITS and the Office of Energy & Sustainability, Department heads interested are encouraged to appoint an implementation liaison to work with our team going forward.

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What is required by my office?

Encouraging environmentally friendly activities in the workplace.
  • One person is assigned within the department as the Implementation Liaison for the Green Office Program
  • The Office of Energy & Sustainability will guide and assist the Liaison with the steps below
  • All lights are turned off when not in use during the day as well as at the end of the day
    • If automatic shut-off is installed, lights are still turned off manually at the end of the day and for long breaks to eliminate waiting time for automatic shut-off 
  • All desk lamps use CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs) 
  • IT was invited to assist in energy settings:
    • Sleep mode has been enabled on copiers and printers after 30 minutes or more of inactivity 
  • All employees are familiar of the “Green My Commute” Page ( and know the resources provided to them
    • university shuttles 
    • zipcar 
    • public transit 
    • bicycling 
    • etc. 
  • “Green My Commute” Transportation Alternatives Flyer is displayed 
Waste Management
  • A paper recycling bin is placed at all copy machines 
  • IT was invited to provide printing waste management settings:
    • Double siding as a default on all computers, unless single-sided are required on a regular basis to meet requirements (e.g. court filings) 
    • Black & White is set as a default on all computers 
    • Reduced paper margins (.75 inch margins or less) as a default for Microsoft Office Program Word, unless 1 inch margins are required on a regular basis to meet requirements (e.g. court filings) 
  • Media and catalog distributors have been contacted to reduce mailing of paper publications to employees 
  • Minimum 30% recycled paper is ordered for printing and copying
  • Only green cleaning products are purchased
  • “Green Cleaning Product Sheet” is displayed where relevant
  • Except for Special Events, all bottled water service is replaced by point-of-use water system or by simple water filtration devices (ie Brita)
  • All employees are aware of the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy and all refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners, and printers purchased from here on, are Energy Star Certified
  • All employees use reusable cups, mugs and water bottles in the office instead of disposable containers

Liasion Checklist and Certified Green Office application form

Green Office Fliers

Ready to sign up? Please contact Andrea Moore, Yeshiva University's Sustainability Manager, at or 718-430- 8978.