Who are we?
  • The Cardozo Sports Law Society is an organization comprised of students who share an interest in sports law and come together to share their knowledge and learn more about those interests through educational and networking events.
What do we do?
  • Prepare Cardozo students for a successful career in the sports law industry through experiences such as speaker series, writing competitions, arbitration competitions, networking events and other such activities both at Cardozo and throughout the country.
What are our goals?
  • To provide members with invaluable litigation and alternative dispute resolution experience, specifically tailored to the sports law field.
  • To initiate networking opportunities throughout the New York and national sports law industry and to become a premier sports law program that the top firms, teams and leagues want to recruit     from.
  • We encourage hands-on experiences and participation by members throughout the school year, both within the confines of Cardozo and throughout the country at various sports law negotiation competitions.
  • We hope to cultivate a strong sports law environment at the school such that Cardozo alumni in the industry are enticed to give back and share their experiences.
As a further goal, we would like to petition the school to include more sports law classes as well as a sports law concentration.
Our ultimate goal is to create a sports law environment here at Cardozo that attracts promising students who have an expressed interest in the field and who may have attended other law schools, or undergraduate universities, with such programs.
For more information, contact CardozoSportsLawSociety@gmail.com & follow us on Twitter @CardozoSportsLS