The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund at Cardozo is an affiliate of the Animal Legal Defense Fund and shares in its mission to advance the welfare of animals through the legal system.  The group seeks to provide a forum for interested students on anti-cruelty initiatives and legal issues pertaining to the field of animal rights.  Past speakers have discussed the First Amendment rights of activists, the impact of factory farming on animals and the environment, the process of mediating a dispute over pet custody, tactics that can transform a non-profit organization into a force to be reckoned with in local politics, and numerous other topics pertaining to animal law. 

A compassionate society will inevitably conclude that innocents should not be made to suffer, even if those innocents lack the power to speak on their own behalf. This hardly seems controversial; the law protects human children because without legal protection they would be abused.  Non-human animals cry out in pain, mourn the dead, and panic in confinement.  Although they are not human, they possess every characteristic that is relevant to victimhood.  At the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, we take seriously the notion that the law should protect those who cannot protect themselves.